Tigers In Tight One Over Hoyas, 14-13

Tigers In Tight One Over Hoyas, 14-13

Tigers In Tight One Over Hoyas, 14-13

Tigers In Tight One Over Hoyas, 14-13

Ryan Boyle scored a goal in fantastic finish style with 4 seconds to go in regulation to put his Princeton Tigers in the final four,14-13. Georgetown trailed all day, but made a run with momentum, with Walid Hajj tying the game with 44 seconds to go.

Facing the defending national champions in the quarterfinals is no easy task for any team, today's monsoon like weather would make conditions even more stressed, but Georgetown hung on to their dream all game long until it was crushed in the last four seconds when Boyle #14, dodged the entire Hoya defense, dropped his stick and burned one by Scott Schroeder for the last and final goal of the game, 14-13, Princeton once again.

The Tigers would score first and last in today?s quarter final match up. Owen Daly of Princeton, sweeping around the cage from X, threw a huge pass fake leaving his defender in mid air, rolled lefty inside and bounced one by Schroeder top left for the first of the day. The next possession was all Georgetown for nearly three minutes but Steve Dusseau would be stuffed from behind three times in a row. A sneak preview of the Tigers defensive plan for the entire game. Damien Davis became very close and personal with #13 of Georgetown, denying the Hoya big gun all day long. With Dusseau tied up, the looks were shared as #14 Phil Vincenti had his first of 2 over the right shoulder of junior goalie Julian Gould tying the score,1-1.

The first quarter went back and forth with Sean Hartofolis scoring 1:20 later from Trevenen with a sweet feed. Again pressed Georgetown almost five minutes later with an EMO situation when Neal Goldman bounced one through the legs of Gould, 2-2. 20 seconds later the Tigers would go up one and stay that way going into the second when Owen Daly dropped his stick low and let one loose connecting top left. With the first quarter coming to an end and Princeton only up by one this was turning in to one of the best match ups in the tourney yet.

Two minutes into the second a flag at midfield would put the Tigers up top with the rock to start a 4-0 run dominating the second quarter with Hartofolis starting the shooting clinic, hitting two pipes as well as the goalies hip and finally rolling over the goal line. Boyle, White and Prager all contributed to the four and a half minute shooting drill pushing the score to 7-2. Georgetown in desperate need of a goal looked to #42, junior middie Trevor Walker with his first of four on the day, scoring high, assisted from Walid Hajj. The Hoyas would find weaknesses in the Tiger D and begin to profit. Walker would score again off an unsettled situation between the legs of Gould to make it 7-4. But, Josh White would take it coast to coast, spin dodge, turn and fire with barely an angle, connecting with the back of the net off a low shot pushing the spread back to 4.

With Dusseau still being denied the Hoyas would score the next three out of four on the board taking advantage of Princeton missed slides and stupid mistakes. Give these kids an inch and they seemed to take a mile.

The start of the final quarter the score was 12-10 in favor of the Tigers with Uricks Hoyas hanging off their tails looking for a win to advance to the final four. The first goal came from Phil Vincenti right inside the restraining line, dead center, pinpointing the upper left. Georgetown down by one with almost the whole fourth quarter remaining. With another possession over nearly two minutes, Georgetown with not one shot on goal.

B.J. Prager then netted his last of three with a sweet around the back, with a light touch and a twist, almost floating over the shoulder of Scott Schroeder. With 4:43 to go, Mike Hammer sunk one putting the Hoyas in position with only one to tie and two to win. With 44 seconds left they did just that when Hajj scored off an unsettled fast break tying up the score with the defending national champs.

Seconds seemed like hours as the clock was ticking away 15,14,13, Princeton with possession after a timeout. Boyle dodged the Hoya defense, dropped his stick waste high and fired. the last and final goal of the game with four seconds left on the board. The tigers shatter the Hoyas dreams and advance to the final four.

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    by (#28244) on 5/18/02 @6:04PM
Ryan Boyle is the best player on his team.(period)
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ryan boyle is a choch!
    by (#22975) on 5/18/02 @9:02PM
Ryan Boyle sucks a nut. Hartofolis and Davis are a hell of a lot more valuable than ryan boyle. g-town got screwed out of the final four.
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Who is TPC45???
    by (#27) on 5/18/02 @9:46PM
Generally, the number 45 is reserved for those players that SUCK ASS!!! You obviously SUCK ASS!!! Ryan Boyle is unreal...in the clutch or whenever...Princeton is the most perfectly coached team in the game (period). That's that... We'll see what happens in the F4 but P'ton is definitely the team that belongs there so...

Enjoy your time at wherever you pretend to play...Though Hartofolis and Davis are studs in their respective positions (to say the least), this TEAM is, bar none, the team to beat and Boyle already seems to serve as a great leader...

The Final Four should be a good one to watch now that the SLUNK has been taken care of...

Thank you...Good night from Vegas!!!!!!


Frank the Stash..."Thanks, Bro"
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    by (#27346) on 5/19/02 @12:50PM
this jackass obviously never played lacrosse at a decent level...dont knock princeton cuz we dominate every year.....win some rings and then make fun
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See you in Hollywood
    by (#1384) on 5/18/02 @9:52PM
Did you watch the game? Boyle is unreal. It was a good game - the only quarter game worth watching with 2 legit final four teams...

Who's more valuable is a matter of opinion. Hartofolis is definitely a good player though.

I don't understand why Dusseau didn't run midfield adn than swtich to attack. You need this guy wherever the ball is if you're GTown. he's no McCavera out there on attack...

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Georgetown Timeouts
    by (#31007) on 5/20/02 @9:10AM
Georgetown wasted their time-outs and it cost them. If they have a timeout for the last minute,
they have possession and a tie game. Worst they get is overtime.
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(no subject)
    by (#29684) on 5/22/02 @7:22PM
those jerseys are hit....damn they are ugly
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