SU #1 Again

SU #1 Again

SU #1 Again

SU #1 Again

For the third year in a row it was Princeton and Syracuse competing on Monday for a shot at the National Championship, but unlike last year the Orangemen walked away victors by virtue of a 13-12 score. A big game came from Michael Powell who exploded with 4 goals and 3 assists. “I couldn’t ask for a better time to play well.” said the tournament’s most outstanding player “Last year I thought I only played well in the fourth quarter but this year I wanted to show that I could play four quarters.” Powell was not the only source of offense though as Syracuse had 10 players with at least one point. Princeton Head Coach Bill Tierney explained his team’s strategy for slowing down the most potent offense in college lacrosse, “We don’t try to stop any individual on Syracuse. We try to play team defense, make some saves and pray that you score one more than they do.”

Princeton started off very strong with the first two goals of the game. Sean Hartofilis caught a pass from Dan Clark and popped a lefty crank high as Syracuse goalie Jay Pfeifer dropped to his knees. Mark Pellegrino scored his fourth goal of the season as he took Syracuse short stick middie Brett Walther. Powell had headline numbers but also did a lot of little things to contribute to his team’s win. This was an example as a broken Princeton clear allowed Jarett Park to scoop a loose ball and fire a jump shot to put his team on the board. Syracuse evened the score at two with Powell dunking one on the crease after numerous stick fakes. Princeton went back to a great strategy for their next goal, taking the short stick middies to the net. This was a huge weakness for Syracuse and if not for some key saves by Pfeifer and aggressive slides, that mismatch at the midfield might have decided the game in Princeton’s favor. In this particular situation, it was Josh White going around David Puccia. Syracuse again tied the game at three when Josh Coffman made a nice move from behind. Princeton got two in a row from Ryan Boyle (his only goals of the game) towards the end of the first quarter to take a 5-3 lead. But Powell hit Brian Solliday cutting to shorten the lead and start a Syracuse run that carried over into the second quarter. In 2Q, Syracuse got the first three goals. Saturday’s hero Tom Hardy was sitting naked up top after a series of slides and buried a feed from Mike Smith. Then Sean Lindsay rolled on his defender and scored. Finally Mike Springer caught a pass from Brian Nee and ripped a shot that no one (including Princeton goalie Julian Gould) saw. It was actually surprising that the grounds crew didn’t have to come out and repair the cage the shot was so hard. Princeton finally answered with Pellegrino again to make the score 7-6 but the Cuse was able to tack one more on before the end of the half. Repeating a pervious situation, it was Solliday from Powell. Solliday actually had another opportunity with just over a minute remaining but Gould made a huge shoulder save to give Princeton some momentum heading into the second half.

That momentum quickly evaporated when Syracuse got two goals in two minutes to start things off. Powell dodged from behind on 1st team All-American Damien Davis and scored stick side high. Then it was Soliday once more shooting lefty on the run. Princeton did squeak one in as Matt Trevenen had a slap shot garbage goal. But Syracuse kept rolling as Coffman finished a one on none with Gould and Powell peeled off a low to high goal. Down 12-7 Princeton could have easily folded but that is not the character of this team. As Brendan Tierney said in the post-game press conference, “Everyone wrote us off in the beginning of the season, told us the Princeton dynasty was dead. Well I hate to tell you folks but the Princeton dynasty is here to stay.” So the Tigers mounted a comeback. Hartofilis somehow scored on a shot where he had zero angle. Then Prager scooped a ground ball and put it in an empty net after Syracuse defenseman Billy St. George dropped a pass on a clear. Finally Hartofilis got his third of the game with a lefty-crank top right. The fourth quarter started and it was Princeton again to bring them within one. Brad Dumont cleanly ran around his defender (a long pole) and shot before the slide came for an unassisted goal. Powell answered high and hard for the ‘Cuse on a feed from Springer. The 165 lbs. sophomore then turned to the crowd and gave his best Hulk Hogan impersonation with a double arm flex. The cheering was quickly silenced though as Dumont caught a pass out of the box and scored to put the Tigers within one with 11:22 to play. With all that time however, there was no scoring. Dumont had a great opportunity with 4:35 remaining but instead of putting it lefty he tried to bring it around his back. It didn’t work. Syracuse got possession and called time-out. They gave the ball to Hardy who unsuccessfully tried to go on his defender. Princeton got possession back and once they crossed the midfield line they called time-out with 2:45 to play. Princeton tried to set-up a play but a pass by Boyle was broken up and Pfiefer got a hold of it and cleared the ball. Syracuse calls time-out with 1:09 to play. They give the ball to Coffman who takes it behind to kill the clock while being hounded by Joe Rosenbaum. Coffman took it for about 30 seconds before giving it to Powell who ran Davis around for about another 30 seconds until Spencer Wright got the ball and was pushed out of the box. Davis picked up the ball and threw it down field but Glatzel picked off the pass. Game over. Syracuse celebration. However, the officials ruled that Syracuse made an illegal substitution because when a guy steps out of the box it is one-on-one-off. The Syracuse player just stepped on. They put six seconds on the clock and Princeton went man-up at the midfield line. Hartofilis had the ball threw a pass to Dumont who attempted to throw it back to Hartofilis but he missed the ball and the game was over. For real.

Game notes: Princeton coach Bill Tierney showed why he is a first class guy with some of his comments in the post-game press conference just 15 minutes after his team had lost the National Championship. “First of all, as always, I would like to thank our Lord and the Blessed Mother for this opportunity to compete.” “I told our guys that if they determine whether they are successful young men based on one lacrosse game that they lost then they are nuts.” “After 5 years of coaching my two sons I want to say thank you for putting up with the Tierney’s. Brendan will always be my favorite Tiger.” Many people, especially on television, only see the guy who is relentless on his players and the officials but that is based on his passion for the game and his competitiveness. It is important to recognize his other (off-the-field) side as well. The All-Tournament Team went as follows: Attack: Powell, Doneger, Prager; Midfield: Dumont, Hardy, Christmas; Defense: Glatzel, Davis, Bliss; and Goalie: Pfiefer. Syracuse returns five starters next year while Princeton returns eight. It would not be unlikely to see both teams back a year from now. Princeton came out for pre-game warm-ups wearing white t-shirts with an orange number 14 on the front in memory of John Schroeder (class of 1992) who was killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attack. The announced attendance was 19, 706. Syracuse Coach John Desko summarized his feelings, “I am very excited that this happened, that we won this game. It’s going to make for a nice summer.”

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    by (#31723) on 5/27/02 @2:10PM
princeton should have won, they are a smarter team
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   ?? by 5/27/02 @2:13PM
   who cares!! by 5/27/02 @2:23PM
      Maryland? (nt) by 5/27/02 @3:04PM
   should have? by 5/27/02 @7:27PM
   "should have won" by 5/27/02 @7:48PM
   it goes to show u by 5/28/02 @10:08AM
      JEFF MACBEAN IS MY HERO by 5/28/02 @10:37AM
   SU!! by 5/28/02 @8:04PM
      learn how to spell you jackass by 5/29/02 @7:54AM
   Tierney by 5/28/02 @9:24PM
      shut up you idiot by 5/29/02 @7:56AM
      He was alluding to... by 5/29/02 @9:43AM
   what a bunch of idiots by 6/11/02 @10:35AM
   maybe by 8/16/02 @10:54AM
behind the back
    by (#20511) on 5/27/02 @3:08PM
why the hell did that princeton kid go behind the back at the end of the game? he had a wide open net if he just caught it and dropped in normal overhand. game would've been tied at 13 with possible OT. tierney must have been fuming
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   I Agree by 5/27/02 @6:27PM
      Hot Doggin' It??? by 5/28/02 @1:44AM
         Yeah by 5/28/02 @8:40AM
   Mad Awesome by 5/27/02 @6:55PM
   who by 5/27/02 @10:24PM
      #6 Brad Dumont by 5/28/02 @7:43PM
   Fuming? by 5/28/02 @2:43AM
   he was.... by 5/28/02 @10:44AM
      Brad Dumont: Goat of the year by 5/30/02 @11:20AM
         Martin, is that your little brother? by 6/03/02 @9:40AM
   (no subject) by 3/30/04 @8:52PM
Trevenan what
    by (#6496) on 5/27/02 @3:09PM
Did you see that fake Trevenan had in the Third Quarter, it broke the whole Stadium, sucks he missed the finish though.
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   Yeah by 5/27/02 @3:17PM
   Trevenan by 5/27/02 @4:56PM
   Always great by 5/28/02 @2:43AM
Brian Solliday
    by (#24692) on 5/27/02 @3:16PM
Solliday in the house! I told yall he'd be blazin'! Maybe you saw me at Rutgers with the crappy "Lets go Solliday" sign. He got me worried with no points on saturday. Represent LI Brian! Well done fellas, Who got the MVP?
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   tell me about it. by 5/27/02 @3:36PM
      powell by 5/27/02 @8:14PM
   Solliday by 5/31/02 @8:13AM
Men's LAX Final
    by (#31757) on 5/27/02 @3:27PM
The best part of the ESPN telecast was the
halftime highlights of the Princeton Womens'
Lacrosse teaming winning the national title.
It's the most coverage of Womens' Lax we've ever
had in Colorado.
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   Nice legs on those broads by 5/28/02 @4:28PM
      ha by 5/28/02 @8:31PM
         those damn school girls by 5/29/02 @3:43AM
tigers should have won
    by (#21155) on 5/27/02 @4:40PM
the tigers should have won because they kicked syracuse's butt last time they played. I think syracuse won it because princeton just made some bad moves
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   not sure which tigers youre talking about... by 5/27/02 @4:51PM
   both by 5/27/02 @4:59PM
   shoulda, coulda, woulda, DIDNT by 5/27/02 @7:33PM
   keep up by 5/28/02 @12:54PM
Whatever, I do what I want....
    by (#2443) on 5/27/02 @5:15PM
We eat the pig and then we burn, burnnnnn
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   Phil Box by 5/27/02 @5:28PM
   Lexie... by 5/28/02 @10:26AM
      RV Queen by 6/01/02 @11:36AM
   southpark eh? (nt) by 6/02/02 @4:17PM
    by (#22633) on 5/27/02 @5:38PM
mikey p had some phat shots... he definitely has more confidence this year. I remember last years championship when his 2 goals were both shot right on the crease. This year, he's taking lots of outside shots.
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   True by 5/28/02 @6:39PM
   yeah by 5/29/02 @5:01PM
Cuse is sick
    by (#31863) on 5/27/02 @8:52PM
This was a crazy game, having the ball go up and down. I think Jay Phifier played an outstanding game. I under estimated the freshman. Even though powell may seem cocky, he's too good not to be.I'm glad Coffman ended his cuse career with a championship.Congrats
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   You Can't Beat PU at Their Own Game by 5/27/02 @9:26PM
      you cant leave out all the facts by 5/27/02 @9:37PM
         shibby by 5/27/02 @9:53PM
            riiight by 5/28/02 @12:00AM
               very true... by 5/28/02 @12:11AM
                  reason by 5/28/02 @1:42AM
            Coolbreeze by 5/28/02 @2:49AM
               shibby by 5/28/02 @10:03AM
                  clever by 5/28/02 @2:10PM
                     wow... by 5/28/02 @10:38PM
                        dude by 5/29/02 @11:00AM
Next Year?
    by (#20961) on 5/27/02 @10:07PM
Congrats to Cuse. With all the seniors in their lineup it will be interesting to see how they do next year. Without St.George, Glatzel, Coffman, Solliday, Wright, and Hardy I wonder if they can still make it to the championship. Hopefully Springer can step up and learn a few more skills then showing off how hard he can shoot...

Prediction: UVA vs. Hopkins in '03
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   Please! by 5/27/02 @10:16PM
      Powell Bros. by 5/27/02 @10:58PM
         wrong. by 5/28/02 @12:07AM
      (no subject) by 5/28/02 @12:04AM
         Hey Shibby... by 5/28/02 @8:50AM
            SU is the best by 5/28/02 @2:42PM
      ur such a loser by 5/28/02 @8:11AM
         i think the powells by 5/28/02 @10:05AM
            good call by 5/28/02 @2:22PM
      Choke Artists by 5/28/02 @3:39PM
   I agree by 5/28/02 @11:41AM
      jhu in baltimore, 2003? by 5/28/02 @6:23PM
      Hopkins by 5/28/02 @7:43PM
      i agree by 6/06/02 @11:26PM
   Watch out for Lindsay by 5/28/02 @2:46PM
      good call by 5/28/02 @10:52PM
         Sean Lindsay is ill (nt) by 5/28/02 @11:53PM
            A Fine Product of the Hudson Valley, What (nt) by 5/28/02 @11:54PM
            (no subject) by 5/31/02 @3:27AM
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   SU again by 5/31/02 @3:24AM
      Who Knows? by 5/31/02 @11:15AM
   springer is better than you will ever be by 6/06/02 @11:21PM
      JHU & UVA by 6/21/02 @8:45PM
   oh ya by 8/16/02 @11:03AM
Casey Powell
    by (#8312) on 5/28/02 @12:14AM
did anyone hear his half time comment about how the only thing wrong with su was that they werent using warrior equipment. how gay is that? get a life and start using some real equipment instead of that pussy warrior crap.
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   Hold on by 5/28/02 @12:33AM
      powell by 5/28/02 @1:32AM
      Yeah, thats a lame plug. by 5/28/02 @8:55AM
         it was stupid.. by 5/28/02 @9:27AM
   Fresca by 5/28/02 @2:53AM
      wat are u a powell cock sucker? by 6/03/02 @12:34AM
   that was pretty gay by 5/28/02 @11:59AM
      Warrior and sticks by 5/31/02 @2:01PM
   What A Loser by 6/11/02 @11:04AM
where were the poles in the first half for cuse?
    by (#25743) on 5/28/02 @9:08AM
I couldnt believe how much the cuse poles got burnt in the 1st half, and the 2nd slide wasnt even close on a couple of goals. Those attackmen must be faster than they appear.

Whats the deal with the faceoff, casino looked like he was cheatin every time. No wonder people always talk about the refs and cheatin on faceoffs. The refs have to get control on that in the future for all teams.
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   I am a cuse fan by 5/28/02 @1:01PM
   face offs were poor by 5/28/02 @6:13PM
Get a clue.
    by (#31907) on 5/28/02 @9:38AM
It is time for someone who actually knows something about lacrosse to break down the final 4.

1. HOPKINS. By far, the least talented of the the Final 4 teams, but they played with the most heart. They squeeked by the entire year winning one-goal games, and it finally caught up with them against Princeton.....but this was a young, well coached team that is going to make a lot of noise the next few years. You have to love Petro......the guy has such passion for the Jays.....he loves that school and it rubs off on his team. Mark it down.....they will be in the final next year. On a side note - Benson on the World team? That is a little embarrasing. I'm not even sure he was on the field on saturday.

2. UVA. I love Dom Starsia. He is a great guy. He is a great recruitor. But he is the worst coach in DI lacrosse. What was UVA doing out there? Was there any gameplan at all going into the semifinal or did they spend the entire week partying in Charlottesville? You have Conor Gill - the top assist guy in the country - your only senior on the offensive side of the field - a guy coming off a 10-point day the week before.......and he hardly touches the ball the entire game? Horrible. He should have had the ball the entire 4th qtr. Christmas is a sick one can keep up with him. But in the 4th qtr of the semifinals, you have to pull in the reigns a little bit and play smart. He lost the ball at least 5 times in te 4th qtr when they really needed to possess. Bottom line - there is no way they should have lost that game. Syracuse brought the "B" game and still pulled it out. Johnson played great......they should be tough next year.

PRINCETON. Another gutsy effort from the best coached team in college lacrosse. They blew out the Jays early and held on for the win. And they scared the crap out of Syracuse and had a number of great chances to put the Final into overtime where you know they don't lose. For all of those people who are still out there crying that Princeton slows it down and plays boring lacrosse - wake up. This team ran up and down all day with 'Cuse and had more than their share of sick offensive plays. The Tigers have gotten to the point where their athletes are just as good as anyone else's in college lacrosse year after year. Don't trash them for playing puts them in the championship game year after year after year. Princeton is the team UVA wishes they could be.

Oh....and by the way.....the Tigers have everyone back next year. Pton-Hop in the 2003 final. Put it in the books.

4. SYRACUSE. What can you say about these guys? They come to play every game. They put sick talent on the field every year. And they are just a lock to get to the Final 4. Whether you love them or you hate them, you have to respect the product Syracuse brings to the table year in and year out. What I find most impressive about Syracuse under Desko, is that they play so much smarter than they used to. If a mid '90s Syracuse team had played Princeton yesterday the Tigers would have come out on top. But Syracuse has cut back on the errors, particularly when they play the Tigers, and it has made them that much tougher to beat. Powell is just ridiculous out there. What an amazing player. And to a man, Syracuse players are the best shooters I have ever seen. Every time they get an open shot they stick it in a corner......hard.

These guys lose a ton next year. It will be intersting to see if they can reload and get back to the Final 4. I wouldn't bet against them.
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   JEFF MACBEAN IS MY HERO by 5/28/02 @9:56AM
   Was that by 5/28/02 @10:06AM
   Post by 5/28/02 @11:14AM
      good post by 5/28/02 @6:27PM
   Your team sucks bitch ass (nt) by 5/28/02 @10:52PM
   Gould by 5/28/02 @11:52PM
   Get a life. by 5/29/02 @4:30PM
      tempest by 5/30/02 @2:22PM
    by (#31961) on 5/28/02 @12:56PM
The Upstate Boys Rule The Lax World!
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   That might be so by 5/28/02 @2:58PM
   That might be so by 5/28/02 @3:02PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:10PM
      TRUTH HURTS by 5/29/02 @11:07AM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:10PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:11PM
   cocky by 5/28/02 @3:12PM
      speaking of annoying by 5/28/02 @6:14PM
      Hey Bill Gates by 5/28/02 @9:50PM
         FUCK U NY LAX IS THE SHIZZIE (nt) by 5/28/02 @10:50PM
            suck a dick by 5/28/02 @10:55PM
               hey jerk by 5/29/02 @11:04AM
                  ALL THE GREATS ARE FROM THE UPSTATE (nt) by 5/29/02 @11:11AM
                  MD by 6/05/02 @11:38AM
                     yo you mut be outside your fuckin mind by 6/21/02 @12:19PM
            HELL YA by 5/29/02 @11:10AM
      cocky by 5/30/02 @6:02PM
         DORK (nt) by 6/05/02 @10:23AM
   you cocky ass better watch out by 6/21/02 @12:09PM
quint and leif
    by (#5100) on 5/28/02 @6:17PM
I know, everybody hates these two, but I guess you have to give it to them for at least trying to promote the game to those who don't know for the past ten or so years. but here's my question: do you pronounce the cuse goalie's name "peiffer" or "feiffer"? I always thought you pronounced that name "feiffer" and found it irritating how they kept saying "peiffer" on the broadcast, but if that's the way it is...any cuse kids know the truth?
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   the most annoying thing... by 5/28/02 @7:14PM
      its pfeifer by 5/28/02 @7:34PM
   Jay's Last Name by 5/28/02 @11:09PM
Great Game
    by (#14996) on 5/28/02 @6:33PM
Going into the game i really didn't care who won. I just wanted the best possible game. It was shaping up to be one too, Princeton seemed to have made a comeback. Up until when Dumont make that horrible behind the back. Dumont also messed up the final play of the game. It would have went from a good game to an amazing game if it went into OT. I think the Semifinal games were better. Never the less a great NCAA season and i cant wait for the 2003 Final Four.
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   Poor Dumont by 5/28/02 @7:50PM
      dumont by 5/28/02 @8:36PM
cuse syell sux
    by (#26674) on 5/28/02 @6:57PM
Cuse sucx and they got lucky but next year Princeton will DESTROY them!!!

o yea powell is a wussy!!
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   Powell by 5/28/02 @7:32PM
      Next Years stars by 5/28/02 @9:58PM
         No Merry Christmas this year or next! by 5/29/02 @12:18AM
   uhhh by 5/28/02 @9:45PM
      shut up jackass by 5/29/02 @2:14PM
      Ur an idiot by 5/29/02 @9:31PM
   YOU SUCK THESE NUTS (nt) by 5/29/02 @11:14AM
      I'll suck your nuts by 5/30/02 @10:13PM
AJ Haugen
    by (#21352) on 5/28/02 @11:03PM
AJ Haugen is the worst player to ever attend JHU and might as well be called BJ Slogan
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   Stop trying to be a dumbass by 5/28/02 @11:57PM
      bull shit by 5/29/02 @12:49PM
   True that by 5/29/02 @11:05AM
   What does this have to do with anything? by 5/29/02 @3:07PM
      i heard by 5/29/02 @3:32PM
Random thoughts from an average former DIII player
    by (#5589) on 5/29/02 @1:27AM
1.) Parity
This has to be the most competitive and exciting year for lacrosse. Sure the same teams (Princeton, Syracuse, Hopkins, etc) were in the final four, but the games were incredibly close this year. All the quarterfinal games were one goal games!. The 'cuse UVA semifinal was perhaps the best lacrosse game ever played.

2.) Cuse vs Princeton
Cuse had the better team and won the game, plain and simple. As much as I hate the boring ball control, 1960's Boston Celtics style of game that Princeton plays most of the time I have a tremendous amount of respect for the coaching ability of Tierney. Everyone thought the Tigers were dead in the water and might not even win the Ivys, but they had a damn good run. No one does a better job of extracting the maximum amount of talent from a player and channeling that talent into a team concept. I thought it was a bit ironic that in the end the hot dog, behind the back style cost Princeton in the end and in the final 2 minutes Syracuse went into a ball control offense.

3.) Virgina - a lot of talent, tight collars, bad coach

Virgina always seems to posses a tremendous amount of talent, but somehow manages to squader it away when the game is on the line. They had the potential to contend for two more titles when they had Watson and company. If Christmas can work on his accuracy and learn to change speeds rather than trying to blow by people every time he will be one of the top three attackman in the game (ala Mike Powell's last assist in the final).

4.) Hopkins - much promise to fulfill
If the object of the game were to get to as many final fours as possible without actually winning the tournament, Hopkins would take first prize in a landslide. The Blue Jays are young and Petro is a good coach on his way to becoming a great coach.

5.) Are the Terrapins dead?
Is Maryland doomed to suffer the fate Cornell did in the 80's and early 90's.

6.) Lafayette should hire DeCicco as their head coach. The man is a player's coach and should have been given a chance at Rutgers.
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   comments by 5/29/02 @11:19AM
      No way by 5/29/02 @3:27PM
   coaching by 5/30/02 @12:41PM
      coaching by 5/30/02 @5:58PM
         (no subject) by 5/31/02 @4:30PM
yay syracuse
    by (#32226) on 5/29/02 @9:20PM
this has got to be the most exciting game i've seen yet. I just got done with my first year of lax and i loved it. I think both teams played a great game but in the end Syracuse deserved what they got. Another thing though I don't even think Princeton deserved to be there. I think it should of been Hopkins and Syracuse. cause Hopkins is the beast. that would have been sweet is Damien Davis would of scored
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   JHU by 5/30/02 @12:32AM
   what a stupid comment by 5/30/02 @8:22AM
      dmunson by 5/30/02 @11:52AM
         why (nt) by 5/30/02 @12:10PM
            (no subject) by 5/30/02 @12:32PM
               yes (nt) by 5/30/02 @12:33PM
                  (no subject) by 5/30/02 @12:41PM
                     (no subject) by 5/30/02 @1:16PM
                        (no subject) by 5/30/02 @2:37PM
                           (no subject) by 5/31/02 @2:06PM
                           (no subject) by 5/31/02 @2:06PM
                           (no subject) by 5/31/02 @2:06PM
                           (no subject) by 5/31/02 @2:06PM
                           (no subject) by 5/31/02 @2:06PM
                           (no subject) by 5/31/02 @2:06PM
    by (#8096) on 5/30/02 @10:14PM
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Terps all the way
    by (#16998) on 6/03/02 @11:59PM
all i can say is all cuse fans r gay. They r all just jumpin on the cuse bandwaggon cuz they are a good team. Where r all the Towson fans, maryland fans, Hopkins fans.

Today it seems like ur either 4 cuse or princton.
why doesnt any one give other schools any shnoogans.
Let me tell u, next year Virginia and hopkins will be kicken some ass u fairweather fuckers
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   fairweather in syracuse new york by 6/04/02 @8:41PM
      i agree (nt) by 6/04/02 @11:33PM
   It's Always 'Next Year' by 6/12/02 @4:12PM
      what r u talking about? (nt) by 6/17/02 @12:20AM
   jhlax by 1/07/05 @4:10PM