Men's U-19 Tryout List Complete

Men's U-19 Tryout List Complete

Men's U-19 Tryout List Complete

Men's U-19 Tryout List Complete

BALTIMORE - US Lacrosse has announced the 120 players that have been selected to try out for the 2003 US Men's U-19 Lacrosse Team. The tryouts will be held from July 11-14, 2002 at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. A total of 23 players will be selected from those tryouts to represent the United States at the International Lacrosse Federation U-19 World Championship from June 26-July 3 , 2003 at Towson (Md.) University.

A total of 34 attackmen, 38 midfielders, 36 defensemen and 12 goalies were invited to participate in the tryouts by a 10-person team competition committee. Players were nominated to be considered for the tryouts by US Lacrosse's 64 regional high school chairs. The players participating in the tryouts represent 21 states plus the District of Columbia.

The 2003 International Federation of Women's Lacrosse Associations will hold its 2003 U-19 world championship in conjunction with the ILF championship. The tryouts for the 2003 US Women's U-19 Team will be held August 12-14, 2002 at the United Sports Training Center in Downingtown, Pa.

Att - Oliver Bacon Charlotte Country Day NC 2003
Att - Walker Bateman Highland UT 2003
Att - Joseph Benson McDonogh MD 2002
Att - Brian Boyle Pinkerton Academy NH 2003
Att - Steven Brooks Libertyville IL 2002
Att - Taylor Brown Governor Dummer Academy MA 2002
Att - Bret Caretsky Northport NJ 2002
Att - James Coffin Brunswick School CT 2002
Att - Gregory Cohen Syosset NY 2003
Att - Matthew Danowski Farmingdale NY 2003
Att - Luke Dixson Bishop O' Connell DC 2002
Att - Daniel Flannery Garden City NY 2002
Att - Brett Garber Avon Old Farms CT 2003
Att - Seth Goldberg Yale University CT 2005
Att - Peter Greco St Francis NY 2002
Att - Bobby Griebe Boys' Latin MD 2002
Att - Brad Heritage Cheshire CT 2002
Att - Brian Hubschmann Delbarton School NJ 2002
Att - Adam Kenney Detroit Country Day MI 2003
Att - Brandon Logigian Huntington NY 2003
Att - Jamie Lovejoy Rutgers University NJ 2005
Att - John Manners Springfield PA 2002
Att - Bill McGlone Ridley PA 2002
Att - Steven Mull Fallston MD 2002
Att - Craig Nolan Jesuit College Prep TX 2002
Att - Kurt Nordhoff Mt. Hebron MD 2002
Att - Alexander Rochon Monte Vista CA 2003
Att - Austin Rodgers Loyola Blakefield MD 2002
Att - Adam Smith Bainbridge WA 2002
Att - Brian Trombino Saint Anthony's NY 2002
Att - Patrick Walsh Wantagh NY 2002
Att - Joseph Walters Irondequoit NY 2002
Att - Ryan Zipperly Bishop Moore FL 2002
Att - Ryan Zordani Heritage CO 2002
Mid - Michael Abbott Nottingham NY 2002
Mid - Bryan Adams Guilderland NY 2002
Mid - Paul Andrews Walter Johnson MD 2002
Mid - Andrew Bender Wooster OH 2002
Mid - Joseph Boulukos Cold Spring Harbor NY 2002
Mid - Evan Calvert Centennial MD 2003
Mid - Cory Coffman Riverside NC 2003
Mid - Michael DeSantis Lincoln Subury MA 2003
Mid - Kyle Dixon Archbishop Spalding MD 2002
Mid - Kyle Dowd Northport NY 2002
Mid - Andrew Gaylord Holderness School NH 2002
Mid - Charles Glazer Greenwich CT 2002
Mid - Gregory Gurenlian Springfield PA 2002
Mid - Tom Hodges Alexis I. duPont DE 2002
Mid - Gordon Jacobs Smithtown NY 2002
Mid - Evan Kay Friends MD 2002
Mid - Jarryd Knouse Bridgewater NJ 2002
Mid - Peter Lamade Landon MD 2003
Mid - John Lasky La Salle Academy PA 2002
Mid - Eric Lindgren Cheverus ME 2002
Mid - Andrew McElduff Yorktown NY 2002
Mid - Patrick Meade Schenectady NY 2002
Mid - Kieran Murphy Suffern NY 2002
Mid - James O'Brien Chaminade NY 2002
Mid - Gregory Peyser Cold Spring Harbor NY 2002
Mid - Matthew Poskay Johnson Regional NJ 2002
Mid - Greg Rommel Henninger NY 2002
Mid - Kevin Rutledge Mahopac NY 2002
Mid - Matt Ryan Ridley PA 2002
Mid - Kenneth Sauer Lynbrook NY 2002
Mid - Ryan Schoenig Sachem NY 2002
Mid - Matthew Starker Summit NJ 2002
Mid - Bret Thompson Georgetown Prep NY 2002
Mid - Drew Thompson Northport NY 2003
Mid - Ryan Walterhoefer Boys' Latin MD 2003
Mid - Nate Whitaker Thomas Jefferson VA 2002
Mid - Nick Williams Calvert Hall MD 2003
Mid - Matthew Zash Massapequa NY 2002
Def - Michael Abou Jaoude St. Ignatius College Prep CA 2002
Def - Taylor Bloor Corning East NY 2002
Def - Patrick Buchanan Lake Braddock VA 2002
Def - Stephen Byrnes Mahopac NY 2002
Def - Michael Canino Arapahoe CO 2002
Def - Chase Caruso Huntington NY 2003
Def - Chris Corona Lovett School GA 2003
Def - Michael Culver Ridgewood NJ 2002
Def - Patrick Dunleavy DeSmet MO 2002
Def - John Eklund Delbarton School NJ 2002
Def - Joe Grannes Eden Prairie MN 2002
Def - Scott Grossman Radnor PA 2002
Def - Adam Guy El Toro CA 2003
Def - Connor Hagans Half Hollow Hills East NY 2002
Def - Patrick Harnett Thomas Worthington OH 2002
Def - Matthew Heiderman Worcester Preparatory School MD 2003
Def - C. Frank Hopkins C. Milton Wright MD 2002
Def - Hayward Howard St. Paul's School MD 2002
Def - Colin Hulme Framingham MA 2003
Def - Keith Hutchings Auburn NY 2003
Def - James King St Annes Belfield VA 2003
Def - Stephen McElduff Yorktown NY 2002
Def - Brett Moyer Ridley PA 2002
Def - Robert Mulshine Sewickly Academy PA 2002
Def - Matthew Murphy Haverford PA 2002
Def - Matt Nader Dematha MD 2002
Def - Glenn Nick Garden City NY 2002
Def - Sandon Olson Heritage CO 2002
Def - Steven Panarelli Farmingdale NY 2003
Def - Matthew Pinto Loyola Blakefield MD 2002
Def - James Severin Chaminade NY 2002
Def - Ricky Smith Hicksville NY 2003
Def - William Staines Severn MD 2002
Def - Thomas Theodorakis Ward Melville NY 2002
Def - Nick Veith Georgetown Prep MD 2004
Def - Eric Zerrlaut St Mary's MD 2003
Goal - Harry Alford St Alban's School DC 2003
Goal - Daniel Benson Fairfax VA 2002
Goal - Mike DeSantis Mountain Lakes NJ 2002
Goal - Robert Gross Saint Anthony's NY 2002
Goal - Gregory Havalchak Corning East NY 2002
Goal - Andrew Jarolimek Arapahoe CO 2002
Goal - Danny Loftus Syosset NY 2003
Goal - Travis McDonnell DeMatha Catholic MD 2002
Goal - Mike Petit Collegiate VA 2003
Goal - Scott Smith Wilton CT 2002
Goal - Phillip Spinella Comsewogue NY 2003
Goal - Kip Turner Severn MD 2003

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how did...
    by (#17858) on 5/29/02 @2:16PM
how did ryan zipperly make it for Attack, when he is a midfielder...
and how in the hell did he make it over Schecter? Schecter is arguably the best player ever to come out of Florida, he's going to Yale while zipperly is going to d2 Bryant.
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   Florida? by 7/08/02 @1:40AM
Ryan Blair?
    by (#262) on 5/29/02 @3:07PM
Blair, from Auburn, is one of the sickest players in NY and one of the best attackmen in the country. He's going to be a frosh at UNC next year. Why isn't he on this list? Is he gonna be too old? Because if he isn't then this committee is out of their mind! Fill me in.
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   He's probably too old by 5/29/02 @3:33PM
      trombino by 5/29/02 @4:15PM
         Trombino by 5/29/02 @6:55PM
         trombino by 5/30/02 @5:07PM
    by (#22632) on 5/29/02 @3:17PM
don't post about some schmuck in Greenbo should have made the list. we don't care and they obviously aren't good enough

come on "shibby" think of something witty to say before u spooch over a pic of mike powell
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new england teams
    by (#20165) on 5/29/02 @4:51PM
there is hardly anyone from new england on there. we play some pretty good ball up here, and i think it's about time for some recognition. besides, where are all the vermonters, eh? by the way,, andrew gaylord from holderness is a woman. long, blond hair and girlish features. he sucks.
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   the list by 5/29/02 @5:01PM
      I agree by 5/29/02 @6:58PM
         nh by 5/29/02 @7:53PM
         Retard! by 5/29/02 @8:29PM
            "hella tight" by 5/30/02 @10:15AM
            (no subject) by 5/30/02 @12:27PM
         I disagree by 5/29/02 @11:54PM
            Actually by 5/30/02 @8:33PM
               I call bullsh!t... by 5/30/02 @9:49PM
                  Actually by 5/30/02 @11:06PM
         (no subject) by 5/30/02 @8:17PM
         kidney boy by 5/30/02 @8:47PM
         bullsh*t....... by 5/30/02 @9:29PM
            your friend by 5/31/02 @11:41AM
            (no subject) by 6/05/02 @3:18PM
               good point by 6/08/02 @3:33PM
      Lax is not sectional by 5/29/02 @9:01PM
         nj rocks by 5/30/02 @7:51AM
         No one by 5/30/02 @10:17AM
         Lets think about this! by 5/30/02 @4:44PM
            let's think some more by 5/30/02 @6:54PM
         (no subject) by 6/05/02 @3:19PM
   new england teams by 5/30/02 @5:10PM
      NNELA by 5/30/02 @8:41PM
         new england teams by 5/31/02 @3:37PM
            You're cool by 5/31/02 @4:31PM
               Texas by 6/01/02 @8:15PM
                  TEXAS SUCKS by 6/02/02 @2:04AM
                  Texas by 6/03/02 @1:05PM
                     West Coast by 6/03/02 @1:24PM
                        i agree (nt) by 6/03/02 @11:49PM
                        You're forgetting a state. by 6/06/02 @4:14PM
                  right buddy... by 6/08/02 @11:38PM
         (no subject) by 6/05/02 @3:22PM
   fuck new england (nt) by 6/04/02 @12:09AM
   Doesn't matter by 6/05/02 @2:17PM
   I hear that guy, F-New England by 6/05/02 @2:19PM
   lax in NE by 6/07/02 @2:23PM
harry alford?
    by (#29959) on 5/30/02 @9:40AM
my cuz is the captain of Georgetown Prep Varsity lax team and he starts at attack and is goin to Brown.His team played st albans and "Harry" let 13 goals on him!. How is he expected to be makin the us team if he cant even stop the 3rd ranked HS team in the countrys' shots!
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   georgetown prep by 5/30/02 @5:17PM
      lol by 6/09/03 @5:21PM
   uninformed by 6/03/02 @8:45AM
Lot of Long Island Kids
    by (#28951) on 5/30/02 @11:23AM
Nice to see alot of Long Island kids.

I had the chance to play against Dowd, Zash, Theodorakis, and Thompson, all amazing kids. I play for Lindenhurst (LI) and these guys were just show stoppers. Anyone know if Schoenig is #8 on Sachem? He was alright when w3 played him, but nothing amazing. If he played like that everytime not sure how he made Empires or got asked to try out for this. Maybe just an off day.

Good luck to the LI boys. (D1)
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   no, by 5/30/02 @4:58PM
kinda off
    by (#31547) on 5/30/02 @3:24PM
yeah i am guessing there are some good people on this list but there are a few that i dont think should really be on there like one in particular ryan zipperly from bishop moore i have seen him play and to tell you the truth i have seen people with more talent in one pinky than this kid does in his whole body the only thing he does is try to shake people by doing a little shimmy you should actually look at players before you even recognize them to go to a tryout for anything
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   That's Low by 5/31/02 @8:04PM
      "does this little shimmy" by 6/01/02 @8:17PM
      True True by 6/09/03 @5:37PM
    by (#21401) on 5/31/02 @12:55PM
How does Luke Dixon from O'Connell get nominated for this, when in his same conference there are 5 other attackmen just as good, many better. Andy Gallagher is by far the best attackman in the conference, and he got Player of the year, yet he didn't make it? How bout Connor McCarthy from Gonzaga, whon is also head and shoulders above Dixon. Dixon get's attention because he plays fro a crappy team, nothing else. The people who make these selections need to get their heads outa thier !@#$s.
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craig nolan
    by (#8616) on 6/01/02 @5:13PM
craig nolan you are a badass. represent the big state!!!no question- you should have been an all-american. good luck!!
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   Represent.. by 6/02/02 @1:07AM
Louisiana Lacrosse
    by (#29091) on 6/03/02 @2:11AM
Now I know I am setting myself up for a barrage of responses to this, but I want to know when southern high schools are gonna get some recognition for lacrosse. I played HS lacrosse here in Louisiana and we had plenty of good talent go on to play at a ton of USLIA schools. We play all the Texas teams and beat most of them. So whoever picks these guys, dont overlook guys from down south. We are just as good as most of them yankee boys.
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   (no subject) by 6/03/02 @11:45AM
      Yeah, Byrd by 6/03/02 @2:35PM
   no, you're not by 6/03/02 @1:27PM
   louisiana? by 6/03/02 @11:53PM
      oh we most? by 6/04/02 @1:59AM
         did u by 6/04/02 @1:49PM
         DIRTY SOUTH by 6/06/02 @2:05PM
            yankee bastards by 6/11/02 @10:27PM
               yeah? by 6/17/02 @12:24AM
                  Louisina Lax Sucks by 6/21/02 @2:08PM
does any one like the herb (nt)
    by (#16998) on 6/04/02 @12:01AM
(no text)
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this is sh*t
    by (#16998) on 6/04/02 @12:07AM
where r all the good lax players? this list is crap
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Greenwich CT
    by (#32852) on 6/06/02 @7:51AM
who the fuck is charlie glazier?
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colorado lax
    by (#32247) on 6/06/02 @6:35PM
lawe, the goalie from kent denver was an all american and is possibly the most recruited goalie in the nation
where is his name on the list
how can they put zipperly on the list but forget about all the talented kids
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   Dave Law / CO Lax by 6/08/02 @2:46AM
more college players?
    by (#33129) on 6/07/02 @2:29PM
why aren't there more college players on the U-19 list? is the U-19 team for people under 19 or can you be 19 and on the team? as good as some of these kids are, i'd pick a quality 19 year old D1 player over a kid who just finished HS.
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long island
    by (#30310) on 6/08/02 @8:51AM
zash is awesome, he is goin to be a starting frosh. at duke next year
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Where is California
    by (#33321) on 6/09/02 @8:31PM
I know that we are just getting started out here on the West Coast, but there are some damn good players out here that deserve to be recognized. I am tired of just seeing East Coast kids on these lists.
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   Are you Serious by 6/09/03 @5:20PM
    by (#13195) on 6/10/02 @11:34AM
Why isn't that Zando kid from Carthage on this list? I thought he was the truth.
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   are you kidding me! by 6/19/02 @11:13AM
      Okay by 6/20/02 @5:02PM
         Not really by 6/23/02 @7:02PM
    by (#20268) on 6/19/02 @11:11AM
How does all-american Eric Pittard not get invited too this or Chirs Doctor! Both of these boys had incredible seasons and deservedly belong on this list.
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