Rattlers Bite Barrage, 16-12

Rattlers Bite Barrage, 16-12

Rattlers Bite Barrage, 16-12

Rattlers Bite Barrage, 16-12

Rochester rattled off 2 goals in the first 3 minutes of the game to take an early lead. Cory Kahoun and Nate Wadkins both scored unassisted goals before Bridgeport's Todd Eichelberger found Matt Panetta for the Barrage's first goal of the night.

Josh Coffman would take part in the following two Rochester goals, adding assists in both cases. The first to John Fay at 10:18 in the first quarter and the second to Tim Soudan at 5:09. John Fay scored another goal, this time it was uassisted ajust a minute after the previous Rattler goal. Matt Penetta would put another one in for Bridgeport while Wadkins would follow up with another score of his own of a Cory Kahoun feed. At the end of the first quarter the score was 6-2 Rochester.

The first score of the second quarter came when Ryan Powell passed to Jake Bergey who pulled the trigger and found the back of the net. Powell fed Ryan Mollett for the following goal which came 11 seconds later. The Rattlers did not give up and scored 2 more goals within 20 seconds of one another. Cory Kahoun picked up a loose ball below midfield and found a cutting Josh Coffman for the ninth Rochester goal of the evening. In a fashion similar to the above mentioned goal John Fay fed Powell for the 10th and finally goal before a Bridgeport timeout was called. At this point Rochester was on a 5-0 run.
Rochester retained possession on the face off because the Barrage moved early. Chris Schiller took the ball down to the Barrage goal, shot but was turned away by Bridgeport's Mark Spruyt. Rochester Defenseman Ragy Thorpe was flagged for a 30 second interference penalty but the Barrage could not capitalize because of an errant pass out of bounds.

Matt Striebel added an unassisted goal as he drove from the top left to the right, made a stutter step move and fired a shot past the Rattler goalkeeper. Jim Mormile gained possession of the ball after the ensuing face off and drove to the cage, rolling back and forth a few times. He then found Keith Cromwell on the left side of the cage where he finished the play. Bridgeport won another face off Roy Colsey lit up the scoreboard for 2 points off a Dave Ulrich pass. The score was now 10-4 Rochester.

Bridgeport initially gained possession of the next face off but turned it over. Each team got their shots off in the following minutes, each had their share of bad passes and mishaps.

Goals by Cory Kahoun, Tim Soudan (Powell assist) and John Fay (Cory Kahoun assist) before a Josh Coffman goal that was about almost worth 2 points. That would be the final goal of the period. On another note, Ryan Powell and Tim Soudan worked a classic give and go with Soudan capping it off with a behind the back goal.

Matt Striebel made the score 14-7 when he took possession of the ball and came from behind the goal to put one past in the goal. Not to be outdone, Todd Eichelberger also scored on a behind the back shot off a feed from Dan Denihan. The Rattlers were blanked in the 3rd quarter but the Bridgeport offense, amidst an array of mistakes and a tough Rochester defense was able to only scrape up 3 goals. The Barrage's Jim Mormile scored their 6th goal after keeper Spruyt took a save, bounced around his defensive end with shifty footwork and found him open in the offensive end.

Rochester was held scoreless for over 20 minutes but broke out of that slump when Coffman and Fay hooked up for a scoreboard reading of 15-9. With 48 seconds left Powell was fed the ball as he posted up on the left side of the cage by himself and fired a shot into the cage. Bridgeport scored the final 3 points off two shots, Andy Towers assisted on Jim Gonnella's goal and Dan Denihan scored a 2 pt goal with 29 seconds left in the game.

Bridgeport dropped to 1-9 while the Rattlers move up to just one under .500 at 4-5. Bridgeport had the chance to close and take the lead when the held Rochester scoreless for a period and some change. The offense did not help themselves out by turning the ball over but the Rattler defense played very well...keep in mind 12 goals is not bad considering you have the 2 point goal now and the caliber of talent that was on the fild last night.

1 2 3 4 F
Bridgeport 2 4 3 3 12
Rochester 6 8 0 2 16

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MLL Video Game
    by (#34870) on 7/26/02 @4:25PM
Any of you guys been hearing the rumour about a MLL Video Game in the works? I dont like the MLL at all,you all know that,but if they put out a new video game and it was better then Blast Lacrosse,I would buy it. I'm sure you would all too.
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Hard Hitting Action... not
    by (#9264) on 7/26/02 @5:11PM
An MLL video game would suck ass, not matter how real it was.. first off, you have only 6 teams (quite the exciting season there), secondly MLL lacrosse is not "real lacrosse", its money making lacrosse so it would also suck (do you really want a shot clock (where the player explodes like in Blast) in a video game or do you want to play it more like the game is, or rather should be?... personally i think there needs to be a FIFAsoccer type lacrosse video game that has NCAA (D1), world teams, and MAYBE mlll... that is if they dont ask for to much damn money, and warrior will allow it.....

How bad are the barrage (1-9, thats weak!)?
...shit if there was a video game they would have to be way lower in stats, or it will be just a bunch of bull shit like the blast lacrosse stats...
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Hey dork,
    by (#20511) on 7/26/02 @5:25PM
Its not dungeons & dragons, its a video game. if they made an outdoor lax game it would be cool. who gives a crap if its MLL teams or college or whatever. its not like there are any other alternatives. you anti-MLL guys are such tools. get bent
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    by (#34870) on 7/27/02 @9:06AM
If a company like EA Sports made a NCAA Lacrosse game,that would be insane. You Pro-MLL guys are such tools. Get Bent.
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    by (#20511) on 7/29/02 @11:12AM
you have already established yourself as one of the bigger dipshits on this message board, so their is no longer any need to continue chiming in with your 2 cents. your time would be better spent elsewhere.
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    by (#34870) on 7/29/02 @1:29PM
Yeah ok,say all you want,I'm not leaving though. Your just pissed that the MLL sucks and your one of those big MLL fans,who buys all the crap thats not gonna mean anything in a year. I'll continue to "chime" in with my "2 cents". Why dont you spend your time somewhere else,if you can't accept other peoples opinions. Go look at some porn,maybe it'll get your mind of Body By Jake for a little while.
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Jake is hot
    by (#35775) on 7/30/02 @11:20AM
I didn't realize that people bought gear because of its future value?

I once bought a Toni Conigliaro baseball card and had Tony Danza sign it, but his show got cancelled and I threw it away.

Danny Pintauro - now he's hot!
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    by (#9264) on 8/01/02 @5:57PM
dude... tony danza is the man. how stupid are you to throw away anything he signed, just because he lost his show... tool
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    by (#35775) on 8/01/02 @6:13PM
Are you serious?

I think you should re-evaluate the situation and fist yourself.
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(no subject)
    by (#30446) on 7/26/02 @7:59PM
Oh my gosh. The Barrage suck so bad its not even funny. Its pretty pathetic really. They are terrible.
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(no subject)
    by (#19261) on 7/26/02 @9:33PM
Everyone in the MLL is great. I bet the Barrage could shot your team 10 out of 10 games if you played them. Its not that they suck its that the other teams just out play them.
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    by (#6292) on 7/27/02 @11:21AM
Not to make excuses for how badly the barrage suck but the MLL set them up to fail and then the front office shot themselves in the foot. When warrior assigned players to teams lets look at the players that Bridgeport got, Roy Colsey, Blake Miller, and Jim Gonnella. With the exeption of Roy Colsey none of those guys are really superstars. Lets compare that with the players that other teams got: Baltimore: Josh Sims, Mark Millon Long Island: Casey Powell, John Gagliardi, and AJ Haugen. Rochester: Ryan Powell, John Grant Jr, and Marshall Abrahms New Jersey: Jay Jalbert, Jessie Hubbard, and Christian Cook. I'll leave Boston out because i can't remember who they got. Only an idiot would argue that the 3 core players that Bridgeport got are on par with the rest of the leagues superstars. Then Bridgeports inept front office took over, they took Sal Locasio with the first pick, which wasn't as bad a pick as everyone thought it was had they stuck to their guns. They then turned around and traded him to Long Island for a bunch of shit players that never produced anything. The Barrages defense is HORRIBLE, last year they started Jamie Hanford, Mario Lopez, and Harold Drumm with Jim Mule in goal. Is it any wonder why they suck? They had to play catch up with the league on offense and therefore had to comprimise their defense, couple this with the fact that they play at Harbor Yard which is at least a 45 minute drive through awful traffic from their fan base in the Greenwich, Darien, Wilton, and New Cannan areas you have a recipe for a team that will fold up like a cheap tent next year. Great job Jake and Dave you guys really did your research on Bridgeport, the city could care less about you and your team, you can't even get your games covered in the local papers!
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They got the best dman
    by (#20815) on 7/30/02 @4:01PM
in the country with Nick Polanco.

And Denihan is one of the best players in the league. Same with Colsey.

Now with Kessler at attack, they have a good lineup.
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    by (#32602) on 7/30/02 @9:23PM
boston got ryan curtis, mike watson, and mike battista. not a bad combo at all, they are all one of the dominating players at their positions.
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(no subject)
    by (#24052) on 7/27/02 @11:24AM
hey man the Barrage are not that bad, they are just a young team and make stupid mistakes. i have been to all of their home games and they play very well at times. and 3 of the losses they had were from ot. so they might not be the best team but they dont suck by any means
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(no subject)
    by (#32114) on 7/27/02 @2:43AM
Josh Coffman kicks ass, what are you going to do about it
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    by (#35775) on 7/29/02 @12:01PM
I'm going to cry like a girl.

Than pick up the new All-MLL lacrosse game, sponsored by Warrior - the ONLY game Casey Powell plays. Than I'm going to go out and have a catch with the kid who has Casey's stick. It will be sweet. We'll give each other high fives!
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sky high...
    by (#35782) on 7/29/02 @4:30PM
I hear that the new MLL video game will be out for PS2 in September...it's a bit overdone though...you can actually adjust the slipperyness of the balls!!!
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wat is your source
    by (#8312) on 7/30/02 @12:35PM
where did you get the info, call me a skeptic but i want the facts.
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You're a skeptic
    by (#35775) on 7/30/02 @12:44PM
There. I said it.

He must have heard from Frodo Baggins, deep in the land of Mordor.

Check out www.dorksanddice.com

They have killer pics of hot anime girls and the latest updates on lacrosse video games. They might even have a pic of Keanu Reeves with his shirt off.
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The Facts
    by (#35782) on 7/30/02 @1:46PM
They were originally going to go with the new day-glo green balls but had to change to those new silly, dimply orange balls...it's all for comfort of the fan

Apparently, the "skills competition" portion of the game lets you change what they call the "slip factor" of the ball depending on how you want your shot to finish...pretty cool but a little too thorough.
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Nothing worse than
    by (#35775) on 7/30/02 @3:27PM
slippery balls.

Except maybe those Texans...

They should have a build player feature, where you can choose your state - and if you're from a good lacrosse state, the player is good.

And if not, you can even design the way he looks. Like TX players have mullets, wife beaters, black Oakley high tops and shirts with witty quips on them...

Like 'Tell your mom I said hi.'

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    by (#35782) on 7/30/02 @3:57PM
...you can have your player use Casey's stick...even if he's from KY.

You could also choose any Warrior head you'd like and then pick your pocket...

You can even pick the color of your shaft...I like the purple C405...my 2 cents.

-Future Man
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Only Warrior
    by (#20815) on 7/30/02 @4:06PM
Its the only brand to use. I don't know why everyone doesn't use the Predator. Or the Cobra. They are classics.

My shaft will be as smooth as an Asian and my cleats will be black - Oakley's of course.

They could get Chuck Barris to announce.
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    by (#8581) on 7/30/02 @4:12PM
That's what BBJake gets...he's terrible...but I heard that he has a stake in the game too:

Apparently, BBJake hops into the press box every so often and gets overly excited. If you shoot over 100mph when he's in the box, his Hawaiian shirt explodes...cool.
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    by (#2489) on 8/08/02 @1:47PM
cotton sucks
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