Newswire: Will USA Beat the Aussies This Weekend?
Will Team USA beat the Aussies this weekend?
Friday, October 05, 2012 10:46:54 AM

We reported several weeks ago that an epic matchup was headed your way. At the Stars and Stripes tournament taking place tomorrow and Sunday, the game on everyone's minds is sure to be the U.S. women's lax faceoff against their rivals, Australia.

The teams haven't played each other in nearly three years, when the Americans took the World Cup over from Australia, who had won the previous championship.

It seems the team from Down Under is still bitter. Marlee Paton, a midfielder and World Cup vet who will participate in the match this weekend, told Lacrosse Magazine, "We were so close, and there was that feeling if we could have had a couple more minutes, we could have got there."

Yet, that's not to say they or their opponents are rusty. Every indication is that both Team USA and Team Australia have been practicing night and day in preparation for the match, which some have said (probably inaccurately) will be a harbinger of the 2013 Cup-to-be.

Australia brings a lot to the table, with their wily, unpredictable style. It has thrown off the U.S. women in the past. However, the Americans have fresh blood - 75 percent of their players did not compete in 2009 and therefore have never faced their rivals.

Team USA's captain, Lindsey Munday, told the source, "The vets have been telling the younger players how special the rivalry is."

Munday definitely has it right there. This game is epic enough to be broadcast live on ESPN and should draw thousands of live spectators, when the women head to the field at 10 a.m. PST. Game recap coming at you Monday.