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The bucket of lacrosse balls is perfect for backyard tosses or practice. The customized bucket of lacrosse balls contains 40 NOCSAE/SEI approved lacrosse balls. The lacrosse balls come inside a custom carrying bucket. This is the perfect gift for any laxer.
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The new Maverik Optik 2.0 lacrosse head is one of our Pro's favorite offensive heads going into the 2019 season. It was designed for the elite attackman and is used by one of the best dodging attackman, Jordan Wolf, for the World Champion Team USA squad, Jordan Wolf. The story behind the newly designed Optik 2.0 is the new technology. The Optik 2.0 has a two strut design, which makes it the lightest head in the Maverik lineup, less than 5 oz. This head simply rips. Designed with X-Rail technology that distribute stress which also enhances its lightweight, stiff design. Designed with an optimal release point which increases ball control with added hold. The TENSION LOCK enables stringers to create a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy. The Optik 2.0 lacrosse head is made of Duratough material providing stiffness and consistency in all weather conditions. The Level Two bottom rail is designed for a low to mid level pocket which provides for a quick and accurate release.
The Cascade S lacrosse helmet is the next generation of the best lacrosse helmet of all time. The Cascade S has a slightly higher and rounder dome, a more angled face mask and overall, a more swept back look. Cascade lacrosse claims the story here is all about, vision, comfort and protection. The Cascade S will be worn by most of the top collegiate and high school programs in the country next season
Top quality lacrosse throw strings and lacrosse shooting strings are always on sale here at
NOCSAE lacrosse balls on sale here at We have the best pricing on brand name lacrosse balls. If you but cheapies from the local lacrosse store or big box store.. leave them out in the yard a few times and they will turn into hard pool balls in no time. The kids call the "greasers" and they are terrible for practice or wall ball because they behave way differently than a ball that you use in practice or in a game.So do yourself a favor and buy only quality balls that are sourced right. For an extra 10-20 cents why not buy a product that will last and behave just like those game balls that you play with. These lacrosse balls come in yellow, white and orange.White lacrosse balls are primarily for men's youth and high school practice and game balls Orange lacrosse balls are primarily for men's youth and high school and gym practice, or those darker days when it is hard to see the ball. Yellow lacrosse balls are primarialy for the ladies.
The Maverik Havok lacrosse head is for aggressive minded defensemen, long-stick middies and faceoff wings looking to put a little offense in their play. If you are a disruptive type player, the Havok will allow you to shoot faster, pass crisper and play harder than any other head on the market. The Havok has an aggressive scoop allowing for great ball control. The Havok provides you with control, accuracy and blinding shot speeds. Stiff enough to do some damage and light enough to prove a formidable weapon in the hands of those who wield a mean pole. The Maverik Havok lacrosse head offers ground control technology that has a perfectly engineered scoop angle that is designed to dominate the ground ball battle. The Maverik Havok is one of the best LSM lacrosse heads on the market and is one of a kind. This head is focused for long stick middies and defensemen who like to push the ball in transition, or start a fast break. MLL Chesapeake Bayhawk player, CJ Costabile uses the Maverik Havok and absolutely loves it.CUSTOMIZE YOUR POCKET
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Our top men's lacrosse head stringers are current or former college lacrosse players who have been stringing heads for 10+ years. Every head that we send out has to be approved by one of our Pros.
The Epoch Purpose 15 Degree complete lacrosse stick offers a head that has a new technology that carries the ball higher in the pocket, than any other stick. The biggest difference with the Epoch Purpose is that is has a 15 degree head which tilts the angle of the head on a straight shaft whereas other tilt technology platforms require both the head and the shaft to be 10 degree technology. Now players can realize all the benefits of tilt angle technology, which carries the ball high in the pocket without having to use a specialized shaft. Quicker releases, faster shots are all made with a simple flick of the wrist. The Epoch Purpose is being seeded with some of the best collegiate and high school players in the nation. The Ladder pocket really whips the ball around nicely while still affording great control. This complete stick comes with the same best selling carbon technology shafts that Epoch introduced a few years ago and have now dominated the men's game. The Purpose lacrosse shaft is available in two diameters. The Purpose is the most technologically advanced carbon fiber composite shaft in the game. Available in a 1andrdquo; concave diameter or a slim 7/8andrdquo; diameter. Like all Dragonfly shafts, the Dragonfly Purpose comes with an industry leading 1-year warranty and is manufactured with pride in the USA.C32 andndash; Traditional Concave Geometry. Most popular. 1andquot; diameterS32 andndash; Slim Concave Geometry. Control. 7/8andquot; diameter
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Pricing is for one case of 120 NOCSAE/SEI approved lacrosse balls for games and practice. These lacrosse balls are NOCSAE/SEI stamped and approved. There are 120 balls per case. These lacrosse balls are approved for youth, high school, and college lacrosse. offers the lowest prices anywhere for these brand name balls and we sell to most of the major collegiate, high school, and club programs in the nation because they have trusted for over a decade to deliver the best quality lacrosse balls at the lowest prices. If you are buying for a club or team and need more than 5 cases you could qualify for an additional discount. Call 855-255-5294 or email for team pricing on cases of lacrosse balls. Please note cases of balls are not eligible for our free shipping offer due to weight restrictions. Each case weighs 43 lbs.
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Pre cut for wrapping butt ends properly . No more strands hanging off the sides. This is the good stuff... pricey.. but worth it.
The Maverik Mission Blank lacrosse shaft is the first ever, no frills super light shaft that is made especially for those that let their game do the talking. This shaft is coming in right around 5 oz. with the patented ABE butt end that lets you determine where you want you bottom hand to rest without the need for heavy tape jobs. The new Maverik Blank is quickly climbing the top sellers list with those players that want the best lightweight materials without all the glitz and glam that other manufactures are splashing around. This price point is amazing for a shaft. This haft is lightweight, strong and we are already seeing high demand with the elite high school summer ball crowd.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
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Rail Elite Women's Custom Lacrosse Pocket