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The new Maverik A1 shaft has thinner walls that the last model had and has that same GritGrip which is a not too sandy take on the diamond grip models that sold so well with offensive players in the past. The A1 is still weighing in at 5oz and is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts on the market. The A1 is made out of Scandium alloy, also has thinner wall thickness for an unbelievable light weight feel. Completed with the new redesigned Abe+ adjustable butt-end, a silicone liner for added stability.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
The Warrior Noz head is a best seller here at Lax.com for 3 years running. The best faceoff head of all time... The best offensive lacrosse head of the decade .... The lightest lacrosse head of all time .... These are some of the accolades that the NOZ legacy carries with it. Warrior is producing a limited special run of these so get them while they last. Classic shape and design combined with flatter scoop and one of the lightest heads in the game, it is infused with special patented air technology that stiffens and lightens. These heads are stiff and have serious stepdown shot power. Take a look on any high school sideline and you will see the impact of the NOZ. CUSTOM STRINGING: CHOOSE YOUR MESH, COLORS, AND SETUPTHIS HEAD MADE A BEST OF 2018 LIST
The all new STX Cell 4 lacrosse gloves have a new flared cuff which allows for the most backhand mobility. In the new STX Cell 4 lacrosse glove there is a better ventilated palm and more room in the backhand. STX also loosed up the thumb a bit with wider padding. You can actually move your thumb in a circular motion in these Cell 4's and that will give you a much better handle and control on the stick. This, combined with the same Ax Suede palm that STX is famous for. Great grip and superior ventilation. We are highly recommending these gloves as one of the top picks for advanced youth all the way through college.
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Under Armour
The Under Armour Command X lacrosse head is one of the most scientifically advanced FOGO heads on the market. The Command X is specifically designed to flatten one edge down to the turf when you start to pinch. And then the ergonomically designed top rail sucks the ball in while you rotate as it undercuts you opponents top rail. Pure genius. As one of the original FOGO heads on the market this one is still one of the best.
STX designed the Cell 4 line to simply be the best of the best for advanced youth, high school and collegiate players. STX took 25% of the weight out with a new foam technology but kept the soft feeling outer shell and big, wide velcro and rib protection. These pads also have a full back plate, which is absolutely necessary for older players. There really is nothing complicated, fancy or bells and whistles with these pads. They are simply light, soft, durable and the highest quality that your money can buy. The biggest differentiation here is comfort and soft feel. There is no other lacrosse shoulder pad on the market in this price point even close to the performance and quality of the STX Cell 4 shoulder pad liner.
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