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The new Maverik A1 men's lacrosse shaft is lighter, faster and stronger than its predecessor. The A1 is made with Scandium alloy, and has a thinner wall thickness for an unbelievable lightweight feel.
East Coast Dyes
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The Maverik Mission Blank lacrosse shaft is the first ever, no frills super light shaft that is made especially for those that let their game do the talking. This shaft is coming in right around 5 oz. with the patented ABE butt end that lets you determine where you want you bottom hand to rest without the need for heavy tape jobs. The new Maverik Blank is quickly climbing the top sellers list with those players that want the best lightweight materials without all the glitz and glam that other manufactures are splashing around. This price point is amazing for a shaft. This haft is lightweight, strong and we are already seeing high demand with the elite high school summer ball crowd.VIDEO: LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARBON andamp; METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
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The STX Cell 4 arm guards have an all new floating elbow cap and silicone non-slip strips placed inside the Lycra sleeve and make this one of the best lacrosse arm pads for attack in the game. You will see this best selling Cell series on nearly every field with most every age up through college players. The STX Cell 4 arm guards have a no hinge design that does not bunch or crinkle up on your inner elbow joint when flexing your arm. In addition, the new floating elbow cap was enlarged a bit to cover more of the sensitive part of your elbow. Offensive players of all ages can go to the cage with confidence. STX engineered the Cell 4 arm guards to be 25% lighter than last years best seller. Slip these on and you won't even know you are wearing them in a few minutes.The whole mantra of the Cell padding series is the soft and supple feel, both inside and out, on these pads. Elite level players across the nation all know the STX Cell has been a go to padding line for gloves and shoulder pads as well for the same soft feel!
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The Warrior Burn Warp Pro is the attackman's and shoot on the run middie Warp that has a softer deeper and more agile pocket than previous Warp models. Looking for that soft mesh feel, control and hold, the new Burn Warp pro used softer kevlar for the guys that demand that shot power that only softer pockets can deliver. The Burn Warp Pro comes only in mid-pockets but has two whip options 1 andamp; 3. Whip 1 will have the least amount of hold and is favored by players that want that traditional narrower head for offensive precision. The Whip 3 is for you middes that are gonna let fly down the allies and want hold to run through check and net ripping precision and power when you get your hands free. The accuracy of these Warp platforms is unrivaled in all of lacrosse. Any weather, any conditions, pick one up and you can just sting shots the same way every time. You gotta try one to actually feel the power and precision. The earlier versions of these Warp sticks did not have these same softer pockets. These things simply rip and the big time collegiate guys are starting to pick them up as the popularity in the pro ranks continues to climb. Looking for the perfect shaft to compliment this head? You gotta check out the new Warrior Burn Pro Carbon Attack Shaft. Get yours HERE. If you want the elite level complete stick you need to take a look at the Warrior Burn Warp Pro Complete Stick. Get yours HERE. Want to know why our Pro's love the new Warp so much? CLICK HERE to read our review.
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