Brine Lacrosse Rebranding

Mar 8, 2021

"We are proud to debut our latest campaign, #watchus​ as part of a rebrand for Brine lacrosse. This past year we worked to create a new logo and campaign that reintroduces the brand as a focused leader in women’s lacrosse. We worked to galvanize Brine as the leading brand for the new era of lacrosse athletes. Brine inspires young women to be better players, competitors, teammates and friends so they can succeed on and off the field. By empowering the athlete we shine a brighter light on the game." Via Brine Lacrosse on YouTube

Here at, we are super excited about the rebranding of Brine Lacrosse! We think that this is a great opportunity to continue to grow the women's game, supporting all levels from beginners to the most elite level of play.  Along with the launch of this empowering video, Brine has a new logo and website that exemplifies the future growth of the brand. 

The new branding direction coincides with their newest elite women's lacrosse stick, the Brine Edge Pro Complete Stick. This stick is making waves with the new, knit women’s ISO pocket designed for consistency and control with a mid-size channel and designated sweet spot. The ISO pocket features the weather-resistant properties of our Warp technology, so your pocket won’t lose shape and remains consistent during inclement weather.

We are interested in what's next for Brine Lacrosse and will be checking out their Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates!

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