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The Maverik Max arm pads offer a low profile, best in class, three piece, floating pad has been one of the best sellers since it hit the shelves. Well the genius Maverik engineers who designed this thing did just that. They took a page out of the best selling M4 line and combined it with a bit more hi-tech protection from the RX3 line.. and now you have an elite collegiate and high school level pad that is priced so that advanced youth players can take a run at em. Maverik extended the inner sleeve to virtually eliminate slippage when its sweaty or wet. The floating elbow caps sized really well and does not restrict motion when you pinch down. Full extension and range of motion when you straighten your arm out. There re mini little grip zones inside the pad which also keep it locked down in place. These are the top collegiate choice for Maveriks college teams this year and debuted at 2016 Maverik Showtime with a huge buzz. These are the ultimate middie pad for advanced players that want uncompromising mobility and great protection. CHOOSING THE RIGHT LACROSSE ARM PROTECTION VIDEO. SEE THE ENTIRE MAX LINE VIDEO
$74.99 $59.99
Brand new to the market, the Maverik M5 mens lacrosse arm pad is cut for the offensive player who wants lightweight protection, without the bulk.