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East Coast Dyes
The ECD Infinity Pro women's lacrosse shaft features lightweight, advanced carbon fiber design, with a soft-touch coating and a subtle section of raised texture - Our Pro's think this shaft is built for control.
The STX Crux 600 Flex handle utilizes 10 degree technology and carbon to carry that ball high in the pocket and also provide a little extra zip on the ball as the shaft flexes back into shape. The guys have been using the added whip of carbon technology for years, and now the girl's game just got a little bit faster as well. These handles are not the same as the fatter, rounder models that come standard with the Crux 600 complete sticks. These are the upgraded octagon handles that are a bit thinner and have sharper edges that most of the elite HS and collegiate players prefer. These composites perform well in all weather conditions, are extremely durable and will and snap and speed to your shooting and passing game with no noticeable flex during dodging or ball handling.
TRUE Smoke Women's Lacrosse Handle
One of the lightest women's carbon composite lacrosse shafts on the market with a new A-Sym grip. One or our Pro's favorites!
The STX Axxis handle revolutionary design is the first women's lacrosse handle made specifically for the draw specialist, but can be combined with any 10 degree head.