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The Maverik Max EKG Speed Shoulder Pad provides experienced players with a lightweight, comfortable fit while maintaining the External Kardiac Guard feature. This pad is a trimmed down version of the Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad.
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East Coast Dyes
The new East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro 2.0 Power Attack shaft is made for powerful releases. Our Pro's think the colorway of this shaft is "on fire" with the gold accents. The technology is amazing as well. The Low Kick Point provides the power you need to make a ripping shot. ECD utilized years of carbon fiber research and development to build on the industry leading Carbon Pro, and they have once again raised the bar for performance. ECD paired their Kick Point Technology with new flex profiles and raised texture for a style-specific playing experience you will not find anywhere else. On top of that, ECD has applied a long lasting and more durable paint and texture, which will help increase the life of your lacrosse shaft. Our Pro's love the Low Kick Point on this attack shaft, because it provides the ability to make stinger shots and has a quick release. We also love the lightweight feel and textured handle that this shaft has. The Flex3 technology provides maximum stability and control. This attack shaft has Impact+ Layup which increases this shafts durability, where you need it most.