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The best lacrosse goalie gloves for youth players are the Nemesis goalie gloves.With many of the same features as the Nemesis Pro glove that is worn by the collegiate and professional players, the Nemesis has a rigid thumb and shortened wrist cuff for maximum flexibility. Finally, the younger crowd has access to a decent goalie glove that won't break the bank.We really like the back hand reinforcement and the thumb plate in these gloves.The last thing middle school goalies want to worry about is feeling those shots ping off the knuckles.We really think the single layer palm will give them better grip on the stick and help with those outlet and clearing passes as well. All in all a great value here.
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The best beginner lacrosse lacrosse gloves from big time manufacturer Maverik Lacrosse boast one of the best palms in the game for new players They can really feel the stick through the glove which is not common in most starter gloves. This is the most important piece of of the glove along with the backhand padding. Maverik even extended the wrist cuff a bit here for the little guys for added protection.You can't go wrong with these quality starter lacrosse gloves from Maverik! Please note that these gloves are Youth sized.
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These gloves are perfect for the beginning youth player. They offer the protection and comfort every little laxer needs for when they are first starting to learn how to play and hopefully love the game. Please note that these gloves are Youth Sized.
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The Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse gloves boast one of the "softest" feels in lacrosse which includes an amazing premium leather palm.The Nike fit is also a bit bigger and roomier without floating all over your hands. Many of today's upper tier models have a golf glove feel.The Nike Vapor Elites have a low profile cuff system that really lets you bend your wrist back almost all the way. Many other gloves fail this test. Nike also continues through the backhand and fingers with a more flexible foam which adds to the softer feel.The Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse glove is really designed for those high school and collegiate players that have more control when they feel like their hands are not in tight fitting gloves. Super high quality materials and construction, this glove is on top of the game!
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Under Armour
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The Maverik MAX lacrosse goalie glove is the top choice of Maverik's collegiate programs. Slip these on and you will immediately notice the beefier back hand roll that is so surprisingly mobile that you can roll your wrist totally forward with ease. The thumb offers Shark Gel which worked so well in the Rome series. We think that Maverik has the best goalie thumb protection in the game that still allows for maximum feel and mobility. These feel totally broken in, right out of the box. Maverik put a backhand venting system in the Max and added their special liner that wicks moisture faster than other gloves. They thinned out the palm leather a bit so you can really feel the stick in your hands. The Max is a bit more sleek as the best selling M4 and a bit roomier than the top of the line Rome . Built with a traditional profile and additional volume in the fingers and back hand. It's 37.5 liner allows for faster sweat evaporation keeping your hands dry and cool. Triple density foam and rigid inserts manage impacts in key zones across the thumb and back of hand. PRINTABLE LACROSSE GLOVE SIZING CHARTREAD MORE ABOUT LACROSSE GLOVE SIZING HEREVIDEO: MAVERIK MAX PROTECTION SERIES
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