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NIce low profile lacrosse butt ends made from Warrior quality materials. We like the streamlined snug fit of these on most any shaft.
Under Armour
The Meso Composite 60" Defensive shaft is hands down the best of the best in strength-to-weight ratio for composite handles. Our Proandrsquo;s here absolutely love the new full grit finish on the shaft that provides the ultimate grip for defenders when throwing checks or clearing the ball up the field. Under Armour also decided to go with more of a monochromatic style for this shaft which many of today's best players in the game have been raving about. If you are the type of defender who loves to throw down hard checks but end up breaking a lot of sticks, the Meso Composite 60andrdquo; shaft is definitely for you.
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The best youth lacrosse shafts that won't break the bank are on sale here at Lax.com. These 7000 series alloys are perfect for younger or newer players, or even for a dad that wants a back yard stick to throw around with the kids. We sell tons of these to youth programs around the nation. Value minded, durable and a great stepping stone from a traditional starter shaft. STX is high school and collegiate trusted and these lower end shafts are perfect for younger players.
The new Stringking Metal 2 goalie shaft comes in two weights that are great choices for advancing youth, high school and collegiate players. For the older crowd, who is putting some serious stress on these shafts, we recommend the 162 gram shaft. These Metal 2 goalie shafts are going to give you a huge advantage with hand speed.
Discount defense lacrosse stick designed for newer players that are looking for their first defensive lacrosse shaft. No need to break the bank while the kids figure out if this is truly their position. Most of these shafts end up getting cut down for the younger guys. ( general rile of thumb is to go about one head length above the top of their helmet. This shaft will get that youth player through a whole season before they grow out of it and are ready to move up to some lighter and stronger technology.