Adidas Freak C Defense Shaft 60" Lacrosse Shafts

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The Adidas Freak C Defense Shaft is one of this years must grab before the upcomming season. The classic symmetrical sidewall profile allows a consistent feel in the fingers and optimal impact distribution. The contoured shaft is amazing for ultimate finure control. Adidas also went with NSG technology (Non Stop Grip) which provides great handfeel and grip without inhibting hand movement. The most exciting part about this shaft is the Aerospace-grade alloy that gives the shaft all around thicker sidewalls for added durability. This alloy allows for this to be one of the strongest shafts on the market. If you're an agressive defensiveman who likes to leave a mark on the offense with your checks, this is the shaft for you! 

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Adidas Freak C Defense Shaft 60"