Blackfeet Woody Stout Lacrosse Shafts

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Strong enough to withstand the action on the college and high school level of play, we have really taken a shine to this version of the Blackfeet wood shafts. The Stout is the heaviest wood pole we carry and is recommended for any players who take the field with an old school approach.

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When it comes to the Blackfeet Woody Stout, there is no stronger more reliable shaft at any price. That said, the lighter the Ash the more vulnerable to breakage. We grade the selected Ash into Featherweight, Medium and Stout, but the choice is yours and the warranty applies. The competitive action of a real wood pole is a game changer!BLACKFEET STOUT weighs in between 1.35 lbs. and 1.60 lbs. STOUT is a substantial piece of equipment recommended for High School Varsity, Collegiate, professional players and all practice training. STOUT is our heaviest pole. Weight tends to translate as strength within particular wood specie; this is our strongest pole.