Brine Clutch Elite SP Liner Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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Regular Price: $89.00

Special Price: $39.99


The all new Clutch Elite shoulder pad liner is one of the most comfortable and non-restrictive of the elite class lacrosse speed pad releases for this season. The grid flex technology flexes well and the oversized connections around the rib cage all you to secure the pad down and around so it will not ride up around your neck. Coming in at $100 bucks, this is a pad truly designed for upper level middies and D poles that want their arms freed up.  There is a slight shoulder cap extension, which seems to be the new norm even in these elite level pads.  You won't even know its there... but you will be thankful for the deflection on that once in a while chopping blow that catches the top of you arm.


The coolest thing about this pad is the adjustable bib technology.  You can take the padding plate and Velcro it up or down on the rib attachment to exactly fit it to the best fit.  Beer paunch to bean pole... this thing fita all body types really well.  We like the sternum and spine plates...  hard but good flex points out towards the ribe.  The new Clutch elite stuff is no joke, really decent series for the upper level guys.  Clutch was born out of the old LoPro series that was the best selling in collage lacrosse for years.


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Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse SP Liner
- Grid-Flex plus utilizes multiple piece assembly with built in breaks to provide a flexible uniform fit
- Adjustable Bib to customize your fit and protection
- AeroShield HD EVA foam positioned in key areas