Brine Dynasty Warp Pro on Minimus Carbon

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Finally! Warrior and Brine's partnership finally brought the Warp Technology to the women's game! While this technology may be a bit scary for some players who are used to the more traditional style stringing, we here at love to look to the future of the sport, and the Brine Dynasty Warp Pro is the next step in the evolution of our great sport! Our Pro's here love the Warp Pro Pocket, which provides you with the most consistent pocket, allowing you to catch, cradle, and throw from the same sweet spot everytime. The Warp Technology also allows the stick to be ready to use right away, and requires absolutely zero pocket maintenance! 


Our Pros also have fallen in love with this super lightweight Minimus Carbon shaft! The grip is not sandpaper-like and really allows the freedom of movement for your hands! Plus it is a thin shaft, allowing your player to get a tremendous grip on the shaft and get the level of control your palyer desires!


You will be amazed at the weight and feel of this complete stick...  between the thin walled carbon shaft and the Kevlar pocket - this is the lightest complete stick in womens lacrosse.

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Brine Dynasty Warp Pro on Minimus Carbon

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES