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The Bring King Superlight 3 glove was re-engineered for 2017 and our guys can't believe that what a difference the new design is making. First of all, the Superlight Glove series pretty much outsold every single $100 class glove on the market for the last 5 years running. This was the advanced youth go to for ever. Why??


First, price point... Brine packed so much advanced technology in here, but kept in mind that these were designed for middle school level kids. Really nice ventilated pald with thinner leather so the kids could actually feel the stick.  Second, mobility.  Younger players need as much room to move as possible to work on their skills in all facets of the game.  These gloves offer great protection for advancing youth players but also give them the flexibility they need.  Third, quality.  We see these gloves getting passed down to little brothers and the neighbor's kid all the time.


So what could possibly get better ??  Well they changed up the outer material to a softer faux leather that is really soft and supple and wont get that dirty.  The back hand padding is more mobile than ever.  The cuff us now designed to protect but also allow wrist roll for better handling and cradling.


So at $100 bucks we expect these to absolutely fly up the best sellers list again this season.  Brine made limited quantities of these so get them while they still have stock !!


This glove was picked by our Pro's as one of the five best lacrosse gloves for advancing youth players.


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Brine King Superlight 3 Gloves Lacrosse Gloves


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Brine Superlight III lacrosse Glove- Ax Suede Tiempo Palm
- TruVents - Patent venting construction in the backhand and palm improve airflow and ventilation
- Ventilator Liner keeps hands cool and dry
- Backhad and break pattern match King V to maximize comfort