Brine Warp Jr. Girls Womens Lacrosse Sticks

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The new Warp Womens lacrosse stick is out and the reviews are awesome. It's a perfect pocket for the little ladys to get started with. You can leave it in the yard, it can get wet or sun-baked and the AMAZING part is that the Kevlar pocket will throw and catch the same EVERY SINGLE TIME !! Warp technology is now being used by the PROs in the mens game because of the consistency of the pockets. No longer does your daughter have to start lacrosse with a tennis racket pocket !!

This stick is intended ONLY for girls who are playing 8U as well as 6U!!


Trust us and invest in one of the WARP pockets especially designed for those first 2 years of a girls development and you will be very happy that you did.

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Brine Warp Jr. Girls Beginner Lacrosse Stick