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The Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet is the ideal helmet for the youngest lacrosse players.  The Full Pivot System is designed to fit the antomy of players under 12 years of age providing a dialed-in fit faster than you can tie your shoes. The FutureStar MonoTM Shell, a one-piece shell and visor that creates a more rigid system to better manage frontal impacts, houses Cascade's Gen3 EPP liner system. A look under the hood will show you this helmet meets all the standars for Major League Lacrosse (MLL), Collegiate and high school. 


For insurance purposes, we are not allowed to comment on the difference in protection.  All we can tell you is that there is a noticeable difference in weight between the two manufacturers.  Most of the helmets sold in the marketplace are Cascade.  Schutt just released this type of helmet last year and the adult model is being worn by some of the top collegiate programs in the country.


If your player is new to lacrosse and you want to learn more about equipment that is required to play, check out our youth starter set guide.  


CASCADE HELMET SAFETY & SIZING   - Please refer to Cascade's online booklet for help with sizing your helmet appropriately.

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Cascade CS Youth Helmet