Cascade Mini Pro Women's Lacrosse Goggles

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The MiniPro is Cascade's answer to an athlete's demand for a light, stable, and comfortable fit. With less foam and a smaller design the MiniPro is formed to fit most face shapes. The optic arm provides a secure fit with less movement and even pressure for an unmatched level of comfort. The MiniPro may be smaller, but don't be fooled, the player behind the mask is still just as tough.

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The Evolution of the Mini. Cascade started from scratch and studied the eye positioning, width between eyes and cheek structure of adult and youth girls with smaller faces. The Mini is quickly becoming the most popular mask in the game because bigger isn't always better.  Cascade opened up your view of the field, got rid of all the excess bulk and priced the Mini as the best value out there.  Meest ASTM standard 3077.

  • POLY FRAME: Feminine, polycarbonate frame contours to the face for reduced weight & added strength

  • SILICONE BEAD: Silicone-lined strap for ultimate positioning and grip on head

  • COMFORT FOAM: A light weight antimicrobial and moisture wicking foam that conforms to any face shape

  • ULTRA DIALED FIT: Designed to fit a range of face shapes and sizes