East Coast Dyes Vortex Semi-Hard Custom Pocket

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ECD Vortex Semi-Hard mesh is the newest mesh technology which is literally outselling all others right now !!  What's the big deal??   Two sizes of mesh holes means you can cradel with more control yet rip shots faster and more accurately than ever before.  It's literally the best of both worlds...  to see the full VIDEO and REVIEW of ECD Vortex mesh CLICK HERE !!!


Our guys here all played in college and know how to string each head for all of the pockets above using the stringhole setups particular to all the best heads in lacrosse. If you want game ready, elite level performance look no further. If you would like to email our stringers please send your questions to PROSTRUNG@LAX.COM. They will be happy to email you back or give you a call if you provide your number !!

Our gurus will chef up a PERFECT pocket for you and your new stick will be game ready right out of the box.  Going on our second decade, Lax.com stringers are trusted by the best high school and collegiate players in the nation.  Experience the difference a real string job can do for your game...  WARNING - once you use our guys.. you will never want to settle for anything but the best.


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East Coast Dyes Vortex Semi-Hard Custom Pocket