ECD Hero 12D Semi Hard Custom Pocket

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The ECD Semi Hard custom stringing job is one of the best goalie stringing pockets you will find anywhere. Our collegiate guys string these up to eat rebounds and throw outlets on a rope. We recommend the Hero Semi Soft 12D mesh for those players who want maximum rebound protection. These are usually the guys with faster but "harder" hands. The Hero Semi Hard Mesh is recommended for players with "softer" hands who also want the ability to throw bullets on outlet passes.


The durability here is top notch and the pockets come basically game ready out of the box with minimal break-in.  Experience what true collegiate level stringing can do for your game.  If you are getting you head strung somewhere else, chances are its not a top tier job.  Our stringers are trusted by the top high school and collegiate programs in the nation !!

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ECD Hero 12D Semi Hard Custom Pocket.


The best goalie pocket from ECD are custom strung here at !!