ECD Mint Lacrosse Ball Bucket

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The East Coast Dyes Mint lacrosse ball bucket is guaranteed fresh with a special UV light resistant process that keeps these balls feeling like new all the time. ECD realized that there was a big difference between practicing on the wall or pitch back with an old, hard greasy ball and something that felt like it was new out of the box. Improved accuracy and feel means that these Mint balls will ensure that you are practicing with the exact same feel as the ball they are using on game day!  36 balls are included in the bucket. 

Consistantly Fresh

Use the same feeling ball for practice that you would in a game.

Made in USA

We love stuff made here in the good old U.S.A !!


Both shooters and Goalies alike will agree tha this is the most realistic game ball on the market.  We know these are too expensive for the average practice, but if you are headed to the wall... or looking to put some up-close hand speed work in... these are worth every penny.


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ECD Mint Lacrosse Balls Bucket