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The East Coast Dyes Rebel G is a limited edition lacrosse head that is made with graphene.  Some experts have called graphene "the most remarkable substance ever recorded" and East Coast Dyes is first to market to use this material in the Rebel G lacrosse head.   Imagine a material that is just one atom thick, 300 times stronger than steel, harder than a diamond, and super-flexible to boot.  Graphene is a single, flat layer of carbon atoms packed tightly into a two-dimensional honeycomb arrangement.  What does all this mean for the new East Coast Dyes Rebel G lacrosse head?  It is the strongest and most flexible lacrosse head on the market.  Each head is going to be individually laser numbered.  0/1000 will be for the Rebel G offense and 0/500 will be for the Rebel G defense.  This is a limited edition lacrosse head and once they are sold out, there will not be any more available.

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East Coast Dyes Rebel G Lacrosse Head - Available in Offense and Defense Versions