Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 No Foam Lacrosse Shafts

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The Epoch C30 NO FOAM Iq5 lacrosse shaft is designed to accommodate those heads with plastic inserts like the STX Surgeon 700, the Warrior Burn and other elite level heads where players want the added strength in the connection between the head and shaft.  The C30 NO FOAM is designed similar to traditional metal lacrosse shafts as the interior of the top of the shaft is hollow..  ( all of the other EPOCH Dragonfly 8's have an insert at the top which fills in the shaft. ) 


Now, elite level players that covet heads like the Burn or Surgeon, can use Epoch's carbon technology in thieir most popular shaft shape.


The new Dragonfly 8 lacrosse shafts by Epoch have a new surface technology which makes these best sellers even tougher than the previous generation.  The Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 series  ( the C stands for Concave shape and 30 stands for the attack length of the shaft ) are being offered in two flex points.  The If you shoot over 80MPH then the IQ5 series is the right choice. For those players not quite there yet, but who want some extra pop on those shots.. check out the IQ9 series handles.

The big story with the Dragonfly 8 lacrosse shaft is the reload technology that really whips the ball out of the stick.  Carbon technology loads up all the energy in the shaft, much like a golf club, and the releases it on the shot.  The trick is to have the proper technology in the shaft so that it really only flexes in a forward direction so that the shots remain accurate and on cage.  Since their inception a few years back, the Epoch shaft company has simply dominated the high end carbon market for high school and collegiate players.  

The new Epoch Gen 8 C30 with designed with Torque Box 2 technology that really loads up these shafts on shot release.  The C30 is an ergonomic shaped handle that is specifically designed for balance, shooting on the run and two handed cradling.  The C30 has a uniform profile which means your hands feel the same on the shaft all they way through the pass or shot.  The C shape is the most popular shaped best seller from the Epoch shaft line. 

These handles are MADE IN THE USA and don't bend like metal shafts or dent.  They come down HARD on checks for sure.  Anyone who has played against a guy whipping around a carbon handle will let you know it.  To learn more and view graphics that explain the Dragonfly 8 series shapes and flex read our Pro's blog post. 







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Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 Lacrosse Shaft has  performance, power and toughness that are taking over the game. The 2018 Dragonfly Eight with Surface Veil technology(SVT) is more than just your new gamer, it’s your chance to elevate your game to the next level. The Dragonfly Eight is one of the lightest Carbon fiber shafts on the market, while still being dent resistant and extremely durable. "No Foam" means you can now use heads that have a shaft lock or insert on the throat. 

Recommended Position: Attack/ Midfield
Weight (oz): 5.6
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate