Epoch Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 No Foam Lacrosse Shafts

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The new Epoch Dragonfly 8 F30 No Foam lacrosse shaft has the interior designed like a traditional metal shaft so that today's most popular face-off heads will fit on it. No Foam means that the plastic insert on heads like the STX DUEL will now fit on this version of the F30. This is a specialized shaft which gives players at the X added strength in their stick setup as the plastic insert from the head fits down inside the shaft and is screwed into place. This is a big time high school and collegiate setup for serious FOGOs.

The F30 is one of our best sellers for the upper tier faceoff guys and now players that covet heads like the DUEL can get the amazing grip and shape of the F30. The Epoch Dragonfly 8 Faceoff shaft is known as the F30 IQ5 and has a big following from past generations of elite high school and collegiate level player that want the best motorcycle grip clamp in the game. You know all that green colored top of the shaft colors you see on TV with the best FOGOs... well the F30 is where that all originated.


The carbon shaft IQ5 has the stiffest offensive flex rating and is good for pinching down during that battle at the X or ripping outside shots if that first slide doesn't pick you up fast enough. The Epoch F30 has a triangulated shape at towards the top hand, and a more traditional shape down at the base. All the good face off guys will tell you that the pinch at the head occurs in tandem with the bottom hand punching forward. The two grip are specifically designed to help with each motion and give player the maximum torque and advantage. Pop one of these on an UA Command X or STX Duel and you have a great combo! These shafts are worth the price for guys that value the subtle differences that give them an edge. Slightly sandy / gritty grip for all weather conditions rounds out the package. The Epoch F30 Faceoff shaft is used by the top collegiate and high school players in the game and give advanced youth players a real advantage at the X as well.


To learn more and view graphics that explain the Dragonfly 8 series shapes and flex read our Pro's blog post.

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Epoch Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 No Foam Lacrosse Shaft is designed pacifically for the face-off position. We think specialization is a good thing and faceoff athletes are the most dedicated at their craft. The F30 was engineered specifically for the athletes that are on one-knee and grind it out on the whistle. Epoch’s faceoff specific geometry improves the connection of your hands to the shaft by reducing slippage and reverse rotation while in the act of facing off.

Recommended Position: Faceoff
Weight (oz): 5.6
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate