Epoch Dragonfly 9 Defense


Epoch Dragonfly 9 Defense

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Please note this shaft is not hollow and cannot be used with any head that has a throat plug or throat lock.

Product Details

The Dragonfly Nine Defense/LSM shaft is engineered specifically for those defending their team on the field. Dragonfly Nine features Epoch's new HD Resin system in all of their 60 shaft geometry for increased performance. Each one of the geometries has a Flex iQ engineered by Epoch to elevate a certain style of play. Epoch looks at all aspects of defense and design a shafts for a specific defenseman. See below and choose the geometry and Flex iQ that fits your game.

Shaft Geometry (Shape):

C - Traditional Concave

E - Ergonomic Concave

X - Xtreme Concave

Shaft Flex:

iQ3 - New for 2019, the iQ3 Flex is designed for a reason, for close defenders who defend hard, throw precision checks and look to get the ball up the field as quickly as possible. Engineered to be stiffer for when you are in close around the goal and also when you need to throw a quick outlet pass from deep in the corner to get the ball up field.

iQ8 - Specifically designed to be used by the aggressive LSM or offensive minded defender. This Dragonfly shaft is strong enough to defend the goal, and engineered to bring the ball across midfield for players looking for the assist or shot on goal. The iQ8 is a softer flex giving you more flex when shooting which will translate to more power for the 60 Dragonfly.

iQ5 C60xl - Engineered for the close defenders who play outstanding defense but need extra mass for checks and using their shaft to drive the opposing team away from the net.