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The new Epoch Dragonfly ID shaft is the most cost effective way to introduce top quality carbon fiber technology to a younger player. The real deal is that carbon shafts ad "whip" to shots when the ball is released. Just like a carbon golf shaft that flexes and releases its power on impact, the ID technology from Epoch will increase shot speeds and this level of #5 flex is perfect for those players who are just starting to get some real zip on their shots.


So why is this carbon technology better than the others ?  Because of the lack of "wobble" in Epoch shafts.  While the back and forth flex is good for your shot speed, any type of side to side movement will throw you accuracy way, way off.  Epoch has spent years dominating the high end market with technology that spread the fibers out wide and virtually eliminated this "wobble" in lacrosse shafts.  


If you want to see your U14 player shoot faster...  for $85 bucks you can own similar re-load technology to the what the big boys are using at the college level.

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Epoch Lacrosse is proud to introduce Dragonfly iD Lacrosse shaft to the masses. 
Made in USA, the Dragonfly iD shares the same DNA as the industry leading Dragonfly composite shafts. 

Built for the pros but designed for you, join the carbon fiber revolution with the Dragonfly iD and elevate your game today.  

The Dragonfly iD is available in a Cool gray C30 and Epoch’s FlexiQ 5 (Mid-flex). 

Dragonfly iD is designed and recommended for the 14U youth player.