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The Epoch iD Vision complete stick with Vision Pro Pocket Factory tie up is perfect for any advancing youth player looking to advance their game. This is a perfect set up for a U14 player looking for maximum value and technology for a great price. This complete stick comes with a Dragonfly iD iQ5 composite handle that is lightweight and easy to throw with. The lacrosse head, iD Vision comes strung up with a Pro-Pocket using HT Poly Mesh that can be used immediately without any adjustments. Epoch's iD Vision series cuts through the marketing noise and delivers a sound product that is perfect for players that are looking to invest their time into playing the game of lacrosse.


The best part about this complete stick is that the iD Vision lacrosse head features Smart Sidewalls, which is an Epoch tool for first time stringers. Smart Sidewalls uses square and circle holes, on the side of thead, that gives stringers and players a visual guide for various sidewall patterns, knots and techniques. The circle sidewall holes provide you with the ideal neutral pocket, while the square holes allow a player to learn and upgrade their pocket by providing options for vaious levels of whip. This is a great head for the advancing youth crowd to learn how to string a lacrosse head for their years of future play!

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Epoch Dragonfly iD Shaft + iD Vision Head + Vision Pro Pocket Factory Setup

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES