Epoch Dragonfly Integra C30 Iq5 Lacrosse Shafts

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The new Epoch Interga shaft is designed for those players looking to jump up from traditional metals technology to the amazingly high tech realm of carbon !!These shafts are coming in at the new price point of $100 but pack in much of the same technoligy as used by the high end collegiate models which cost almost twice as much.


These integras load up your shot power and release it on the ball leaving the stick.   This optomizes shot power and because these shafts dont twist... all of that extra energy is transferred into your shot.  Feel the difference a few extra MPH can make when step down shooting or operating in close.  Get the same advantage that collegiate players have enjoyed at a fraction of the price.


We recommend the iQ9 for players shooting under 75 MPH and the iQ5 for players that shoot over 75 MPH.

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Epoch Dragonfly Integra C30 Iq5