Epoch iD Vision Alloy Complete Stick Pro Pocket Factory Set

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The new 2019 iD Vision Alloy Complete stick is an incredible value at $99.99! For this complete stick set-up the iD Vision head is strung with a mid to low pocket and Epochs HT Poly Mesh. The head sits on an iD Vision Alloy shaft. The shaft has an iQ3 flex point that generates the perfect amount of torque and velocity for youth players who are looking for an extra boost on their shots and passes.The pocket is perfectly placed where the ball is not constantly falling out of the stick while passing or shooting on the run, which most youth players tend to have an issue with. Our pros absolutely love this about the iD Vision because it helps build the confidence young players need when just starting the game. This stick is ideal for players who are moving on from their first stick and are looking to take there game to the next level! Make sure to get yours before this upcoming season!

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Epoch iD Vision Alloy Shaft + iD Vision Head + Vision Pro Pocket Factory Setup