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The new Epoch Integra arm pads have a futuristic yet simple design that works really well for advanced player who want low profile padding but still need enough protection to operate in the alleys and clears with confidence.  We love this pad for the workhorse, run and gun middie crowd.  Soft feeling, low profile and tough as nails.  The Intergra optimizes Epoch's extensive knowledge of carbon technology with a flexible exo-skelaton that allows for full range of motion.  Slip these on immediately know why they were engineered for elite level players.  High quality mesh and amazing fit, feel and finish.  What else would you expect from the guys who absolutely dominate the high end shaft market!? Learn more from this blog past as to why these pads have been rated by our Pro's as one of the best lacrosse arm pads for 2018

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Epoch Integra Arm Pads