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It feels like soft mesh but without the whip.. if that is even possible. Science seems to have won the day here.

We don't know how or why this stuff works, or the fact that the Navy SEALS use the same stuff in their helicopter ropes.. all we know is this stuff just revolutionized pockets forever.

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Otter Mesh is made of military grade ultra lightweight composite fiber. The same material used to make the ropes for Navy Seals.

Otter Mesh has no coating or resins added to it, which makes it break in quickly and never changes in hardness/feel over its lifetime.

Otter Mesh is a semi-soft mesh that has a slightly rough surface that enhances ball retention without adding whip.

Otter Mesh is hydrophobic, meaning it will not absorb water. It may feel wet to the touch, but the water will never affect the performance of your pocket.

Otter Mesh is resistant to extreme cold (-76F) and heat (140 F). No more shrinkage (tennis rackets) or expansion (bags) due to changing weather conditions.