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The Epoch Purpose head is new technology that will carry the ball higher in the pocket than any other stick.  The biggest difference is that the Purpose 15 degree head will tilt the angle of the head on a straight shaft whereas other tilt technology platforms require both the head and the shaft to be 10 degree technology.  Now players can realize all the benefits of tilt angle technology that carries the ball high in the pocket without having to use a specializes shaft.  Quicker releases, faster shots are all the flick of a wrist away !!   The new Purpose is being seeded with some of the best collegiate and high school players in the nation.  These Ladder pockets really whip the ball around nicely while still affording great control.


This complete stick comes with the same best selling carbon technology shafts that Epoch introduced a few years ago and have now dominated the men's game.  The Purpose lacrosse shaft come swith a thin 7/8 inch handle that is the preferred shape and size for the majority of elite level collegiate and high school players.

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Epoch Purpose Complete Womens Stick includes 15 Degree Women's Lacrosse Head Strung with a Black Ladder Pocket and your choice of Dragonfly 8 C32 or S32 Lacrosse Shafts