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The Epoch Purpose Pro Mesh 15 Degree Composite women's complete stick is one of the lightest complete sticks on the market.   Our Pro's can't get over how light this complete stick is.   Epoch changed the game of women's lacrosse when they introduced 15-degree technology.  Now the Epoch Purpose is being offered with a Pro Mesh pocket which was engineered to optimize the sweet spot of the Purpose's exclusive 15-degree technology.  

Each part of the pocket is strategically designed to give the player ulimate control, feel and accuracy when playing.  The HT Poly technology used in the mesh keeps the pocket consistent in all weather conditions with minimal or no adjustments.    Epoch designed this pocket so that players can adjust and obtain their desired depth and control while driving the ball to sweet spot.  

This complete stick comes with the Epoch Dragonfly Purpose shaft.  This shaft is the most advanced carbon fiber composite shaft in the game and comes available in a concave 1" diameter.  Superlight, amazing hold and built with all the Epoch technology right in the USA.  Totally worth it for any advancing youth player all the way up to the collegiate level that is ready to attack the game with the new mesh technology. 

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Epoch Purpose Complete Womens Stick includes 15 Degree Women's Lacrosse Head Strung with a mesh pocket