Fire Hydrant Mini Lacrosse Buttend

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The Fire Hydrant Mini is a variation of our Tapesaver Performance Butt End.  This is for players that like their tape ring 3/4 inches above the bottom.  It’s designed for performance and to save you money! Best Return-On-Investment in lacrosse if there was ever such a thing! This butt end is our rendition of the perfect blend of on-field functionality and good looks at the right price! It pays for itself in a short amount of time and simulates tape buildup. It provides you more leverage than tape. Forget about wasting half a roll of tape every two weeks! It’s made of a hardened rubber to give you excellent leverage.  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Be careful, adults only! Heat inside of Fire Hydrant with hairdryer setting low for about 15 second until slightly soft. Carefully slide on to shaft, do not force on.  If there is resistance, repeat heat process and try again.  After installing tape down transition area to the shaft.