Gait Recon XLU Lacrosse Heads

Free with 390 LAX POINTS

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The Recon XLU is the premier head form Gait. Gait is basically the most popular brand in Canadian box lacrosse and this high tech model is designed to break into field play here in the states. Our pros tested the traditional strung model.. what a deal at this price. The pocket setup leaves the ball higer in the throat and is designed for attackman and middies that will sacrifice a little speed in their shots for ultimate ball control. The trusses on the sides are set up so that this head will retain shape with hard use.

The best part of this head is the top hole shooting string setup. Dial it up any way you like. This is the same format as the legendary Torque.


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The Gait Recon XLU can tear it up in all levels of play, meets NCAA and NFHS specs.

Designed for attackmen and Midfielders with mid/high pockets.

Gradient sidewall technology offers lightweight, strength and durability.

Enhanced sidewall pinch for increased speed and accuracy.

Moderate offset for quick release.

Long narrow channel for increased speed and accuracy.

Multiple stringing holes for unlimited versatility and NCAA stringing rules.

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES