Maverik Critik Complete Stick


Maverik Critik Complete Stick

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Maverik Critik Lacrosse Stick

Features Include:

  • Level 2 Bottom Rail Designed
  • Low-mid pocket and provides a quick and accurate release
  • Elite quality strength-to-weight ratio
  • Proudly tied and strung in Syracuse, New York
  • Lightweight Traditional Shape 7000 Series Alloy Shaft
  • ABE+ adjustable buttend

Product Details

The Maverik Critik complete lacrosse stick is a great value.  The Maverik Critik Stick is strung with performance mesh, with a mid-low pocket, by professionals at Maverik in NY. This complete stick comes with Maverik's traditional shape shaft design. The shaft is made of a 7000 series alloy that can take anything that is thrown at it. This lacrosse stick is definitely a step up from the entry level models and other strung complete sticks. This lacrosse stick also includes Maverik's patented ABE (Adjustable Butt End), so that you can adjust it for perfect hand placement on your shaft.