Maverik Optik 2 with Hyperlite Complete Stick

$229.99 $209.98

Maverik Optik 2 with Hyperlite Complete Stick

$229.99 $209.98
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LAX Pro Insights Exclusive! One of the best complete lacrosse sticks on the market! Maverik Optik 2 lacrosse head paired with the all new Maverik Hyperlite shaft

Product Details

LAX.COM EXCLUSIVE! Looking for a no-brainer complete lacrosse stick - well you just found it! The Maverik Optik 2 lacrosse head is a top seller at This is what our Pro's think about the Maverik Optik 2.0:

  • One or our Pro's favorite offensive heads
  • Designed for the attackman and is used by one of the best dodging attackman, Jordan Wolf, for the World Champion Team USA squad,
  • Has a two strut design, which makes it the lightest head in the Maverik lineup, less than 5 oz. This head simply rips.
  • Designed with X-Rail technology that distribute stress which also enhances its lightweight, stiff design.
  • Designed with an optimal release point which increases ball control with added hold.
  • TENSION LOCK enables stringers to create a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy.
  • Made of Duratough material providing stiffness and consistency in all weather conditions. 
  • Level Two bottom rail is designed for a low to mid level pocket which provides for a quick and accurate release.

Top seller at!  The Maverik Hyperlite shaft sets the standard for collegiate and high school level play that is as light as a feather and it can stand up to the punishment of big boy play.  This Hyperlite is 8% lighter than previous version and the new colorway is FIRE! The ABE (Adjustable Butt End) technology is redesigned with a silicone liner for added stability.  This carbon fiber handle features zero flex with added stiffness so you maintain a consistent release with added power transfer when shooting.  Newly-refined for the 2021 season, this elite carbon fiber shaft delivers velocity and precision through optimal strength-to-weight ratio and has zero flex construction. This is the lightest shaft Maverik has ever made. Light Done Right. This is the speedy Jordan Wolf's shaft of choice. 

  • Comes with ABE's (adjustable Butt End)
  • High-end carbon fiber shaft delivers velocity and precision
  • Optimal strength-to weight ratio
  • Zero flex construction.