Maverik Rome RX3 Lacrosse Arm Guard Lacrosse Arm Pads

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Regular Price: $109.99

Special Price: $79.99


The Maverik Rome RX3 arm guards is the next generation of soft feel padding that offers collegiate level protection. These pads slip on and feel like nothing.. but when our Pros started knocking them around they were really impressed with the ability to absorb some serious punishment. The best part about these pads is the comfort sleeve. It stays in place even during the heat of battle and keep the pad up on your arm where it belongs. The strap wrap clear around and the floating elbow cap is hard molded for advanced offensive players. Priced on the upper end, but for a few extra bucks... why not own the best... 


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The Maverik Rome RX3 lacrosse arm guard This arm guard was built on anatomical SPEEDFIT profile with a close to the body fit for maximized freedom of movement.

Anatomical shaped ANAFORM is designed to manage slashes and cross checks yet remain flexible to maximized freedom of movement.
PORON XRD TM foam is soft to the touch and hardens on impact providing critical protection to the dead-arm zone on the bicep.
37.5 TM sleeves keep arms cool and allows for fast evaporation of sweat.
Adjustable 4- way stretch straps.
Molded poly elbow cap increases protection and is attached directly to the sleeve to minimize bulk.
Independent FREE FLEX SEAM construction allows for optimized sleeve comfort.

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