Maverik RX Goalie Chest Protector

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The best youth lacrosse chest protector on the market for mobility, fit, finish and fell is made by big brand Maverik.  This chest protector is really designed for the advancing youth crowd.  We would recommend upgrading to the next price level of protection for JV and Varsity HS aged players.  The RX goalie has many of the same features of the older player's version of the pad. Awesome buckles, wrap around fit allows advancing youth goalies all the mobility they need to make those atheletic saves.


What we like most about this pad is that it does not ride up in the neck when kids raise their arms.  Nothing more annoying for the little guys to have a pad riding up on their throat when staring down outside shots.  At $79 this pad is ideal for avancing youth players.


Also suitable for female goalies if you dont want the shoulder caps on your pads. 

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The Maverik RX Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector