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Nike Alpha Turfs are the best selling fast model football turfs in the nation right now. Also known as the Alpha Sensory Turf, these lacrosse style cleats offer the best performance and support we have seen in a mid-ankle turf. These lacrosse turfs weigh in at only 14 oz. in a size 12 but are still sturdy enough for the football guys. Our pros described these as a hybrid between a more substantial football turf and an ultra light lacrosse turf.


Our guys liked these for the bigger athletes that want Nike quality and the best gripping turf platform in the game. The Nike Elite Turfs flew off the shelves this season and these Alpha Sensory Turfs are the newest upgraded version. When Nike says "sensory" they are not kidding. Strap these on and you can literally feel the turf undulations and bumps under the balls of your feet. These cleats simply dig in hard when it is time to take off and the mid ankle offers superior support on lateral movements.


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Nike Alpha Sensory Turf Cleats.