Nike Elite Starter

Free with 325 LAX POINTS

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Nike ups the game in starter sticks with this offering. We like the stiffer head that will allow a newer player to compete. This stick is really designed for an older player (ages 11-14) that is just taking up the game. The added technology and reduce handle weight are what you are buying here. 


Here at we recommend these types of sticks for beginners that are just trying out or getting into the game.  Honestly, after about 6 months, if your player is starting to get into it,  you need to upgrade their stick.  We have a selection of COMPLETE STICKS that has custom upgraded and strung to help new players develop and learn to catch and throw at a more advanced level.  It is really all about getting the proper pocket and the proper head shape.  Keeping your youth player on the field with a starter stick after a few months really puts them at a disadvantage.  For an extra few dollars, why not get them the lightweight technology and pocket design which will help them grow into their game. 


Call us anytime at 855-255-5294 when you are ready to talk to a PRO about which stick is best for your players age, ability and position.

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Nike Elite Starter


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Stiff, durable head for intense play.

Bottom rail designed specifically for high pocket.

Offered only in complete stick on 7075 custom alloy Nike handle.