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The all new Nike Limited Edition Composite Just Do It lacrosse shaft is the ideal flex point for all types of offensive players.  This limited edition lacrosse stick has the JUST DO IT Nike logo embellished on the side, giving it a super sleek look.  The textured finish provides a secure grip in any weather condition.   This high performance attack shaft is perfect for any advanced youth or high school player.  The composite matrial is comfortable to hold in any temperature.  

So the big secret with most of these shafts is that most smaller players can not flex a carbon shaft enough to get the extra shot MPH that is so frequently advertised.  Nike took a different route and made these shafts so light that the real benefit to the younger players is not exactly the extra bend or load in the shaft while shooting, but rather the simple fact that it is one of the lightest shafts on the market.  Younger players simply have more ball control with lighter shafts.  For the high school players, you can still feel the shaft load up and let it rip if you shoot over 75 MPH.  


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Nike Carbon Composite "Just Do It" Lacrosse Shaft. Limited Edition. Black and White 

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES