Power Shaft Training Lacrosse Shafts

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Special Price: $89.95

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Regular Price: $99.95

Special Price: $89.95


From our filming of top level Collegiate lacrosse, we are seeing these Power Shafts appear across many programs throughout the nation. The heavy trainers are used for running and foot speed drills and the light trainers get heads attached and are used in shooting, sliding and goalie drills. We would recommend these shafts for players coming up from the ranks of youth through college and then on to elite play. A real breakthrough from famed Coach Rotanz. 


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Power Shaft Training Lacrosse Shafts


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The Power Shaft is an exciting new solid-weighted training shaft that fits every manufacturer's lacrosse shaft and gives you the workout you need to build strength you won't get in a weight room. Get huge and evil Power Shaft Style!!

  • Attack 30" - 4.0 lbs 

  • Goalie 40 - 5.1 lbs 

  • Defense 60 - 7.8 lbs