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PREMIER CUSTOM STRINGING is a one-on-one, personalized stringing experience unlike any other in lacrosse.  You may think you know how to string a head, or a teamate does a pretty good job, but you will never unleash the true potential of your game unless you get a setup that is specifically dialed to your ability, playing style and position.  

Women's custom stringing with mesh is new, and only a few can really customize a women's pocket that follows current regulations.  We have strung some of the best women's heads in the collegiate game and you should trust our Pro's to guide you in the right direction, and the right choice for your style of play, when it comes to custom stringing a women's lacrosse head. 


When you purchase this service and a new unstrung lacrosse head, one of our senior professional and collegiate stringers will call you to get all of your preferences, special requests, or offer advice if you would like it.  If you have purchased this service and want to set up a special time/day to be called send us a email at  Or we will give you a call as soon as this order transfers over to our custom stringing department.   You can pick any mesh, any colors and any setup that you want.


So if you are ready to unleash the true potential of your game, and get the maximum shot power, control and accuracy out of your lacrosse head then PREMIER CUSTOM STRINGING is the only way you can have a real professional understand your needs and wants, and build you a pocket that is truely customized for your game.   


Collegiate and high school players have trusted's Premier Custom Stringing for over a decade.  Ask any big time player if they know who we are, our reputation speaks for itself.

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Premiere Custom Lacrosse Stringing