SNYPR Wall Ball Challenge Sleeve

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SNYPR Arm Sleeve for Wall Ball

Track your wall ball reps using a smart phone with the SNYPR app and the SNYPR arm sleeve! You just slide the SYNPR sleeve on your upper arm, insert your phone under the sleeve, open up the SNYPR app and start playing wall ball! The app automatically counts your reps and tracks your stats/progress. See how you stack up against other players on your team and on regional and global leaderboards.  Watch the video below for more information.


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SNYPR Arm Sleeve for Wall Ball


  • Sleeve secures your smart phone to your arm when playing wall ball.

  • SNYPR app counts reps as you play, syncs to your teammates.

  • Two sizes - small and medium.

  • Suggested sizing: Players 12 and under - small. Older players or larger arms - medium.