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The best beginner lacrosse stick on the market for those smaller players who are just picking up lacrosse for the first time. This complete lacrosse stick is perfect for any player that is 9 and under.  This complete stick is legal for up to 10U youth lacrosse league play.  Stringking is a high end, elite level company that prides itself on products that are used by the best high school ad collegiate players in the nation.  These guys really know their pockets so based on the release of their first complete stick last year, they decided to come up with a starter stick named the Stringking Complete Jr. designed to specifically enhance the growth and development of youth players....  here's the deal.


Ask any coach worth their weight and they will tell you two critical things about youth lacrosse players and their first sticks.  1) They need a good pocket.  This is the most critical piece of the puzzle.  Young players are primarily working on basic skills, and without a decent pocket, they are doomed for bad habits right from the start.  2) The whole stick needs to be as lightweight as possible to make it easy for them to handle.  StringKing hit the nail on the head with this complete stick!  It is sturng up by one of the best in the business and will give your beginner player an advantage on the field.

This is  not a full size attack length lacrosse stick.  It is meant for youth players just starting to learn the game.


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Boys Youth Lacrosse Stick - Stringking Complete 2 Junior